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Qualifications I have

'O' and 'A' level Art, HND, Masterclasses from different potters, teaching diploma.

Life skills along the road of experience!

People I have been

Mother of three children, Grandmother to two. Full time cook, cleaner, gardener, nurse. I have travelled to the other side of the world (Australia) many times but I am always amazed how creative and clever potters, artists, jewellers etc are worldwide.

People I am now

Full time potter, working with stoneware clay and porcelain, although I make pots I also make beads, Egyptian Paste and porcelain, also paperclay (a mixture of porcelain and paper fibers) which is very light in weight and strong...I also teach pottery one-on-one, wheel work and hand building.

People I hope to become

What I hope for the future is to meet more people and do more teaching. I love it so much it is a great privilege to pass on skills to those who wish to learn... but to have as much fun as possible on the way!! I am sure my pots and jewellery will be used by all who fall in love with them, I only hope they get as much pleasure from their purchase as I have making and creating it!!


Frances Osborne

Subjects taught:-

Egyptian Paste Bead Making





People I imagine I have been in a previous life

The person I think of as being most like me by personality was or is ME, who I would most like to be is ME. I have been so lucky to learn and teach and be creative!

During the next decade I hope to...

Keep well!! Keep teaching, pottering, making jewellery, doing my own exhibitions, travel more and take my skills with me, teach in another part of the world.

Three things I want to do before I die are...

  • Do Desert Island Discs on Radio 4
  • See some of my pots on Antiques Roadshow (I will be very old by then)
  • Travel more
  • See my grandchildren grow up

If I had a motto in life it would be...

Keep trying for the best you can do

What I like about being involved with MCSJ

I have to say the MCSJ is not how I see it, to me it is Lisa who is the backbone and star!! of the whole thing so for that reason I love being involved in teaching.

Anything else you want to say?

If I have lots of years left of making beautiful objects my life will be fulfilled. Who knows, in hundreds of years time will my beads and pots be found by someone and put on show, just like the museums of today. Clay is one of the oldest materials for creating objects, we leave things we have made behind long after our day, "how thrilling".


The jewellery school is based near St Austell in Cornwall, UK and all jewellery making classes run in our well equipped workshop.

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