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Wirework Jewellery Class

This class runs on one or two days. Check the dates when you book the class.

This is a course for complete beginners to get into making wirework jewellery that requires no soldering and very few tools.

It’s a very relaxing laid-back class: we go through around eight techniques on the first day, such as:

  • Making links (for bracelets/ necklaces)
  • Making charms using beads and found objects
  • Earring techniques
  • Sea-glass wrapping: way of connecting sea-glass without drilling it
  • Twisted beaded jewellery
  • Wire-plaiting
  • No-solder rings
  • Deco-style wire-wrapping

You also have time to work on your own designs.

On the two day class, the second day allows you plenty of time to work on your own projects using the techniques learnt the previous day. All wire and beads will be supplied (at a low materials cost) but you’re welcome to bring along your own if you have any.

It’s also nice to incorporate found objects such as sea-glass, slate, shells, and sea-plastic into the jewellery you make: so if you have any collected from the beach bring them in! You can incorporate old brooches and earrings: and even broken antique things such as old beaded necklaces, buttons, watch parts can be used to make quirky, original pieces.


Wirewrapping picture


Things to consider before booking this course...

This class is suitable for complete beginners. You will be charged for the specific wire and beads you use and you are also encouraged to bring your own.

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