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Adding Colour to Metal Clay Class

This is a two day class.

In this weekend class we’ll be exploring a wide variety of ways to add colour to your metal clay. The techniques covered will include:-

  • Using effect paints like Pebeo Fantasy Prisme and Moon
  • Using alcohol inks
  • Using Prismacolour pencils to add colour
  • Torch fired enameling made easy
  • Adding gold using the Keum Boo technique
  • Using patina processes like Liver of Sulphur


Prismacolour pencils allow you to add subtle colour to your metal clay work. You’ll have the opportunity to use a range of colours on fired metal clay.

Enameling needn't be very difficult and require a kiln. You can add beautiful enamel to your silver metal clay with a simple butane torch. If you already torch fire your metal clay, you'll find working with colourful enamels very easy.

You'll learn the basics of enameling, how to choose the right enamels for your metal clay, learn about the colours that work best and those that are more tricky to use and also learn how to design metal clay pieces for enamel.

Gold foil is added to metal clay using an ancient process called Keum Boo. This is detailed in Celie Fago’s book on the subject. Using a hotplate, you’ll learn how to add the gold foil to your work.

Beautiful colours can be added to your metal clay work using a patina solution like Liver of Sulphur. This can create a range of colours, from a subtle golden tone through to black.

Using various paints and alcohol inks, we'll explore adding subtle or vivid colour to your metal clay work. Lots of examples will be on display and you'll have a wide range of paints and colours to experiment with.

We will be making and firing silver clay samples to use in the workshop but we recommend you also bring some fired pieces with you so you can do plenty of experimenting

We'll also explore heat patina on Sterling Silver Clay.
The colours on the ring opposite are an example of heat patina

Your tutor for this class will be Lisa Cain

Adding Colour to Metal Clay

Adding Colour to Metal Clay

Adding Colour to Metal Clay



Things to consider before booking this course....

This class is not suitable for complete beginners, you must have the basics of working with metal clay.

Included in the price of this class is enough metal clay to make six to 10 small objects to practice these techniques, all materials, equipment and gold foil. You are very welcome to bring your own pieces to practice on. You will get handouts on all the techniques together with a list of suppliers.

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