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Introduction to Metal Clay - Diploma in Silver Metal Clay Proficiency Grade 1

This is a two day silver metal clay class.

You will make a minimum of seven silver items using metal clay. Students make two pairs of earrings, two pendants, two beads and a shell charm.

Skills covered include:-

* Understanding of basic tools
* Proper handling of metal clay
* Rolling to consistent, repeatable thickness
* Construction and assembly
* Making holes
* Mould making
* Building up layers
* Texturing sheet
* Using Syringe metal clay
* Making and using slip
* Re-hydrating metal clay
* Sanding, burnishing, polishing,
* Making a hollow form (with and without a core)
* Torch and kiln firing
* Advantages and uses of different versions of silver metal clay

Shell charms

Silver work elements include making jump rings, using the torch to make beads on silver wire for head pins, making sterling silver earring hooks, hand polishing and burnishing, proper attachment of jump rings.




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The Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery designed the very first independent qualification for working with Metal Clay which has been running since 2007.

If you want to teach classes or work seriously with metal clay, this is currently the most thorough training you can get anywhere in the world.

The Diploma in Silver Metal Clay Proficiency is free from any association with marketing, discounts or any particular supplier or brand. Therefore it is the first truly independent qualification and sets the new standard for excellence within the metal clay world.

Stone set pendants

The course is recognised by the PMC Guild International and in fact the grades of competency greatly exceed the minimum requirements suggested by the PMC Guild.

Gaining this Diploma shows a high level of commitment to your work. It will add credibility to your CV and the Competency Certificates will act as a record of your achievements along the way. Upon completion of the full Diploma your name will be registered and displayed on the Diploma Graduates page of the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery website.

Upon completion of all four grades, artists will be entitled to use the registered letters after their names. For example, Mary Maker, MCSJ Dip. MC

Read FAQ's about our Silver Clay Diploma here

Your tutor for this class will be Lisa Cain




Things to consider before booking these courses...

This course is suitable for total beginners.

It is part of the Diploma in Silver Metal Clay Proficiency which has four Grades. On successful completion of this course you are eligible to go on to the Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 2 course.

All elements must be completed to the required standards, this is rigorously applied.

The price of this course includes all materials and fees so there are no hidden costs. As long as you work small and follow the tutor instructions and guidance, you will not have to buy more clay to complete the grade.

The skills you learn on this course are the basic metal clay skills required by anyone undertaking the Metal Clay Master's Registry.

This Grade is also available as a Home Study Course. Please note, if you intend to apply to the MCSJ Diploma Support Centre Programme, you MUST attend all Grades of the Diploma in person in Cornwall. Home Study Diploma graduates are not eligible to apply for the Diploma Support Centre Programme.

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Please read the FAQ's about our Silver Clay Diploma here so you fully understand what to expect

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