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Clasps and Catches Class

This is a two day class

This class covers many types of clasps with various degrees of difficulty. You choose your level.

This class covers a selection of clasps and catches which can be used for bracelets, neckpieces and boxes. There will be a choice of projects ranging from simple to difficult so you can choose whichever suits your ability.

Start with some easy tasks and then challenge yourself with something trickier! You pay for the silver that you use as you go along and on average each beginner’s project costs around £15.




There will be a range of finished samples for you to look at to help you choose the most useful projects. You will have detailed notes to follow during the class and to take home for future reference. Your tutor will give thorough guidance in the use of all tools and equipment throughout your class.

You will have a choice of which clasp or catch you try first and we suggest you pick something fairly simple to begin with. You will receive individual tutor attention and demonstration specific to your choice of project. You will work at your own pace with relevant guidance when you need it.

You can progress onto something a little more challenging when you feel ready. The number of projects you complete will depend on the level of difficulty you choose and the pace you work at.

Your tutor for this class will be Maria Whetman

Download a pdf file with the information on this page here


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This course is only suitable for those who already have some prior experience of making jewellery. You will need a grasp of soldering, using a piercing saw, measuring, bending and shaping metal.


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