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MCSJ Teaching Code of Practice Assurance Process

We pick our tutors and our Diploma Support Centres carefully and are confident they will do their best to provide a positive learning experience for students. We have asked every tutor and Support Centre to adhere to our Code of Practice.

The MCSJ Code of Practice is designed to ensure good teaching standards. It provides students with a degree of reassurance that the metal clay training they have purchased from one of our tutors or licensed Support Centres will meet the standards described by the Code. 

Our tutors and Diploma Support Centres have voluntarily agreed to meet all the standards contained in the Code of Practice and to participate in this Code of Practice Assurance Process if necessary.  If you attend a class with us at MCSJ or a Diploma Support Centre teacher and you feel they have not met the standards described in the Code of Practice, you can take the following steps:-

Step One
Talk to the teacher.

It may be that there are very good reasons why the teacher has not met the standard on this occasion. Tell the teacher what you expected and allow them to explain or rectify the situation. In most cases, the issue can be resolved at this point.  A good teacher will want you to be a satisfied customer. Make sure you take advantage of the written or electronic class feedback mechanism the teacher will give you at the end of the class to document any suggestions for improvement.

Step Two
If you feel you didn’t get a satisfactory resolution by talking to the teacher, contact the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery management by email. Outline clearly the experience you’ve had giving the dates of the training and where you feel the teacher did not meet the guidelines in the Code of Practice.                              

You will receive an email acknowledgement of your email within 48 hours and we will look into the matter. 

We will talk to the teacher concerned and may also contact you again. The teacher will be told who you are and may also contact you to personally resolve the issue.

You will get a written (emailed) response detailing the steps taken to resolve your concern within 14 days of the acknowledgement. 

The Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery reserves the right to remove the Diploma Support Centre License from a teacher who doesn’t meet the standards or who refuses to take steps to deal with your concerns and we will do so if the teacher is not able to resolve your concern in a reasonable manner. 

The decision of the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery Director is final.

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