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Susan Diana WilsonOwner: Susan Diana Wilson

Location: Rellingen, Hamburg, Germany

Address: Susan D's Designerstübchen, Waldhofstrasse 19, 25474 Ellerbek, Germany

Website: Susan D Design

Facebook: Susan D Design

Tel: +49 (0)4101 374 502 36


Information about Susan

Since the 90's I have been working with glass, learning various techniques from the leading international lampworkers such as Diana East, Dora Schubert, James Smiricich, Andrea Guarino, Bronwen Heilman and Evan Hollander. Experimenting and always looking for a way to combine silver and glass together.

Then I got introduced to metal clay! Fascinated by the possibilities to combine both glass and precious metal, I took the first step to get introduced to Art Clay.  Roswita Schwarz in Germany showed me all I had to know about Art Clay.

Quickly I realized I needed to know much more, especially about PMC. So I went to England to take the Diploma course at the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery. Here I learned everything I really needed to know about metal clays, especially how to combine traditional silversmithing techniques with metal clay. My main goal was to learn how to teach others to work with metal clay. With the support and knowledge from Julia Rai and Lisa Cain, I was able to go back to Germany and up to today I can say, I am a successful metal clay teacher, enjoying every day I do it!

With my knowledge from MCSJ, I registered for the Masters Registry and started working on my projects.

Now I am the owner of the studio "Susan D's Designerstübchen“ which is located in the northern part of Germany (on the outskirts of Hamburg). I teach various metal clay classes, viking knit classes, lampworking, sell jewelry accessories, tools and metal clays. When I am not in my "Stübchen“ I travel to schools across the northern part of Germany to teach classes in metal clay.

My fascination of metal clay seems to be never ending. Every day I hear of new techniques and can hardly wait to try them out and pass my knowledge on to others.

Susan's Qualifications and Experience

I hold the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery Diploma in Silver Metal Clay, and the Level 2 + gold Art Clay certification, working on the senior certification projects. Since the mid 90's I have learned silversmithing techniques from a leading local silver jeweler. Member of the Kultur im Kreis Pinneberg, PMC Guild and Art Clay society.


Diploma Support Services Provided:

  • Kiln firing services – drop in or post in service
  • Critique sessions for students’ pieces before they send them in for evaluation
  • Open workshop days for students to use tools and equipment
  • General local help and advice sessions
  • Help with basic silversmithing techniques

Classes offered which support the Diploma Grade 1 Home Study Course:

  • Introduction to Metal Clay
  • Workshops in techniques or projects

Susan's Studio

Susan's Studio

Diana's Studio

Susan's Work


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