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Vienna Expressions Studio - Diploma Support Centre

Owner: Sulie Girardi

Location: Vienna, Austria

Address: Sept. to June: Oppelgasse 6/23, 1120 Vienna, Austria

Tel: 00431 7967003

July and August: Rennsteinerstr. 15, 9500 Villach, Austria

Tel: 0043 676 4036036

Website: Vienna Expressions Studio

Testimonial for Vienna Expressions Studio

Information about Sulie

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I was born in Chicago, USA, but have spent the majority of my adult life in Vienna, Austria.

Crafts have long been a passion for me, and five years ago I founded my business, "Vienna Impressions", which has grown to become Austria's largest source for rubber art stamps and other art supplies.

In 2009 I was invited by Tim Holtz to attend the prestigious "Ranger University“, thus becoming the only Certified Ranger Educator in Austria. As a member of the Design Team for Austria's only craft-related publication, "Die Scrapperin“, both my work and words appear frequently in print.

As an experienced tutor of stamping techniques, metal embossing and  soldering, I hold frequent workshops on these topics throughout Austria and Germany. I keep abreast of new crafting trends and techniques by attending trade shows and by participating in classes and workshops in Europe and America.

While attending an event in 2010 I discovered metal clay, and it has taken me down a fascinating and fulfilling creative path. Although I am still rather new to the medium, I find the challenges and possibilities offered by metal clay to be irresistable. To me it represents an infinite creative journey, and opens new possibilities for the creation of beautiful and individual wearable art.

With the founding of "Vienna Expressions Studio“ I aim to introduce other artists to this medium, which is still barely known within Austria's creative community. 

Sulie's Qualifications and Experience:

I have taken classes with a number of metal clay experts, including Julia Rai, Lisa Cain, Carol Douglas, Roswitha Schwarz, Hany Sevciková and Margit Grübl. I attended the first European Metal Clay Conference in Prague in March, 2011, and have taken a workshop with Maria Özelt to learn the basics of Lampworking.

I hold the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery Silver Metal Clay Diploma, and hope to gain Art Clay Certification Level 1 in Autumn, 2011.

What students have said about Vienna Expressions Studio

Very good, sufficient equipment, lighting, heating and cleanliness and atmosphere. Very supportive, encouraging and motivating.

Anita Richter
June 2012


Diploma Support Services Provided:

  • Kiln firing services – drop in or post in service
  • Critique sessions for students’ pieces before they send them in for evaluation
  • Open workshop days for students to use tools and equipment
  • General local help and advice sessions
  • Help with basic silversmithing techniques

Classes offered which support the Diploma Grade 1 Home Study Course:

  • Introduction to Metal Clay
  • Workshops in techniques or projects


Vienna Expressions Studio

Vienna Expressions Studio

Sulie's Work

Sulie's work


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