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Glass and Metal Clay

This is a two day class.

Glass and metal clay are a fabulous combination. Low firing temperature metal clay can be combined with glass to produce some wonderful pieces of jewellery.

This class will focus on using glass cabochons together with metal clay. We'll explore several ways of combining glass with metal clay including trapping glass between layers, using extruded tendrils of metal clay and wrapping clay around glass.

We'll also cover the specific challenges of firing glass including suitable firing schedules, kiln ramping and programming. If you are new to using a kiln, this class will help you to understand your kiln better. We use Paragon SC2 kilns.

You'll be using pre-made glass cabochons so this class won't include making glass cabs. If you're interested in learning how to make your own glass cabs, check out our Making Glass Cabochons class.

metal clay and glass

metal clay and glass
Things to consider before booking this course...

This course is suitable for people with some basic experience of using metal clay. No experience of working with glass is necessary. Please note, to fire metal clay and glass together a kiln is required. You cannot torch fire glass and metal clay items.


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