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Hand Engraving Class

This is a two day class.

After just two days you will have good control of the tools, know how to sharpen them and use them to good effect on metal.

Hand engraving is a little known of trade and you will have a rare opportunity to see how a professional works. You can 'pick the brain' of the tutor with time allowed for questions and answers for particular problems. You will be shown the techniques during the class and the rest is down to practice and flair.

You will be given instructions on the use and safety of the engraving tool. A copperplate, eyeglass and all the necessary equipment will be provided. Your first cuts are deliberately simple and will give you a feel for the process. Thereafter it's all about practice and then you progress to more complicated cuts.






Lettering is slightly more challenging. The lettering is already laid out for you to cut and is traditional copperplate script. You may have some free time to practice your own ideas. You will also be shown how to sharpen your tools which is vital to obtaining good results.

You will be asked to pick a sample or draw your own simple pattern for cutting practice. You will learn how to trace and transfer the designs onto the copper ready for cutting. Time will be given over to the particular application of engraving to the jewellery profession and how it affects your individual work. You will learn about using different shaped tools to achieve various effects and patterns.

There will be plenty of time to explore your own ideas.

Your tutor for this class will be Cliff Wightwick


Things to consider before booking these courses...

This course is suitable for total beginners or those who have used gravers before i.e. metalwork, linocuts, wood carving etc.

To see a case study of a student who studied this class with Cliff, click here.

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