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Book Locket Masterclass with Wanaree Tanner

Date: 21st - 23rd February 2013

Cost: £595 (incl VAT) including 100g of Copprclay, copper chain and wire


This is a three day Masterclass.

Wanaree is teaching exclusively in the UK at MCSJ. Grab this opportunity to take a class with one of the most innovative and exciting metal clay artists in the world, right here in the UK.

In this class with Wanaree, you'll learn to make a book locket using Copprclay. The skills you'll learn easily translate into silver metal clay so you can develop your own designs after the class.

Book lockets

You will have complete design freedom to create your own book "cover" while learning about hinge extrusion, the mechanics of constructing an off set lid that will actually open, as well as many of Wanaree's simplified construction techniques.

Wanaree holding the book lockets

The skills you'll learn on this Masterclass include:-

  • Creating custom made textures to make the book your own, this includes the tiny message plates
  • “Self Contained Hinge” technique, utilizing extruded metal clay hinges
  • Making kinetic pieces in raw clay
  • creating clean seamless corners
  • simplifying your constructed pieces, making it all fit from the get go
  • pin closure clasp
  • COPPRclay firing methods
  • Free swinging bail designed to relate to the book cover
  • Finishing your pieces so they’ll stand out

Book lockets


peace book locket



Wanaree in her workshop

Wanaree Tanner

Wanaree Tanner burst onto the metal clay scene in 2011, seemingly from nowhere. In a few months, she bagged a top award and gained accolades from a wide range of established metal clay artists.

Wanaree is an award winning, primarily self-taught, full time artist, with a love for illustration and a fascination with world mythologies. She started working in metal clay in 2008 and quickly became obsessed with turning two dimensional drawings into three dimensional forms. When copper clay hit the open market, she bought her first pack and never looked back. After two years of experimenting and dreaming, she feels she’s finally able to bring the forms lurking in her mind into reality. 

She travels to art shows around the country, has written articles for Art Jewelry, Metal Clay Today, Metal Clay Artist Magazine and is the video editor for MCAM’s resource library.

She has had work published in the PMC Guild Annual 2011, the New Directions book and the Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry 2012 Calendar. She also writes a brilliant blog in which she shares her techniques and shows what she's working on.

See Wanaree's tutor profile and a video of her teaching here.

Visit Wanaree's website here.

You need experience of working with metal clay to attend this class. If you attend Wanaree's Crash Course in Copper Clay which is running immediately before this class, you'll be fine. If not, you should have some experience of working with metal clay or why not attend our Introduction to Bronze and Copper clay first?

100g of Copprclay, copper chain and wire is included in the course price.

You should bring the following tools with you. There will be some provided but you may have to wait if you don't bring your own.

Makin’s Ultimate Extruder - Amazon is the cheapest source we've found but do shop around. Expect to pay £20-£30 for this.

Makin's Professional ClayCore Extruder Adapters sized 1, 2 and 3mm - Again, Amazon is the cheapest we've found. Expect to pay around £12 for a set of three discs.

Mitre box and saw - Amazon have a variety of these sets from around £5 to £30. Choose something hobby sized. Once you've used a mitre box to cut precisely angled panels for construction, you'll wonder how you ever managed without one!


The jewellery school is based near St Austell in Cornwall, UK and all jewellery making classes run in our well equipped workshop.

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