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In Lisa's initial experiments, she tried to create Sterling silver clay using Hadar Jacobson's metal clay powders. This was unsuccessful.

But Hadar has done some tests and managed to successfully make Sterling clay. Lisa's mistake was to use Hadar's original copper clay powder, not the Quick Fire Copper Clay. Here is an example of a ring Hadar made using the Sterling clay firing schedule developed at MCSJ.

Hadar Jacobson's Sterling Clay ring











See Hadar's complete posting about this on her blog here.





Sterling Clay experiments






































































There were also issues with some of the clay experiments. Some samples bubbled during firing.




























0 #1 MCSJ 2011-04-01 07:14
Hadar has just posted her own experiments with her clay on her blog. She had success combining PMC+ and her Quick Fire Copper. She suggests drying out the silver clay, grinding up and mixing both clays dry before combining. See her blog here...

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