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Resin Memory Bracelet

This is a two day class.

Make a ‘Memory’ bracelet with colourful resin and found objects.

Resin is a fantastic, versatile material that has been used in modern jewellery since the 1960s. You will find out how to use the latest resins in this project and will have a finished bracelet at the end of the course.

During this course you will learn how to use clear and coloured resins and embed found objects, photos and text into a bracelet, which will tell a story personal to you.

The memory bracelet uses ready made links and you'll learn all the cold enamel techniques plus how to embed things like photos, fabric and objects. You will also learn plique a jour resin and doming.


Resin memory bracelet

We'll be covering the following topics:-

  • Mixing and curing resin
  • Embedding objects, photos and text
  • Telling a story through a piece of jewellery
  • Problem solving with resin.
  • Drilling, polishing and finishing resin pieces
  • Health and Safety when using resin

At the end of the course you'll understand the principles of mixing and curing resin, how to clean up and polish resin, and what it is practical to put resin in. You'll also know how to mix colours and embed objects.



Bracelet close up


Clare says, "This bracelet is a celebration of my mother, who is a painter and poet. The bracelet shows images from her paintings (including her signature), text from a poem, text about her in German (she was born in Germany) and a dried flower – she loves gardening."


Bracelet close up


It is essential to bring photos, small objects, fabric, text, documents and anything else you think relevant to make a ‘memory’ bracelet. Please scan and print all material on photo paper, so that originals can be kept safe. If originals are used, no responsibility for their safety can be given by the tutor.           


The tutor for this class is Clare John.


Things to consider before booking this course

The course level is suitable for beginners and experienced jewellery makers.

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It will be particularly relevant to anyone undertaking the Metal Clay Master's Registry.


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