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This class is no longer available and is for historical informtion only.

Rio Grande - Rio Rewards PMC® Certification Course

This is a three day Certification course run by Senior Rio Instructor Patrik Kusek.

We are very proud to announce that MCSJ are the official UK Partner of Rio Grande for the Rio Rewards PMC® Certification course. This course is only currently available through MCSJ in the UK and Europe. The curriculum complements the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma and offers students the opportunity to learn from world-class, respected instructors from the USA.

Rio Grande’s Rio Rewards PMC® Certification Program is designed for the serious and dedicated PMC enthusiast who seeks the recognition that a standardized level of expertise offers. Taught by world-class instructors, the curriculum is demanding and tests specific skills and techniques (apart from artistry) for working with PMC over the course of three days. Students who complete certification leave the class equipped with advanced skills and knowledge to incorporate PMC into their own work.

Students should have considerable working experience with the product and should be comfortable with techniques such as joining, slip joining, hollow forms, ring construction, rolling out equal thicknesses of clay, stamping textures and working with two-and three-dimensional forms.

Certification projects

A series of seven specific projects test students’ proficiency in using PMC in a variety of ways. Techniques taught include stamping, carving, simple tool-making, gem-setting, building a hollow form, embellishing beads, patterning, texturing, mold-making, making slip, ring sizing, rehydrating PMC and surface finishes. Also included are various firing techniques from kiln-firing to torch-firing gold PMC, discussions on metallurgy, gemology, teaching techniques and ways to set up a PMC business. Each project is designed to present several aspects of Precious Metal Clay. By proving their skills through these pieces, students demonstrate to themselves and to the instructor that they have a solid understanding of these diverse uses of the material. Successful completion of this intense three-day workshop provides confidence for artists and teachers, preparing them for a wide range of professional pursuits.

Instructors evaluate each of the projects to assess students’ level of accomplishment. Participants who do not complete all projects during the class may send their work to the instructor for evaluation after the class. Those students whose work meets the established standard are awarded a certificate and enrolled in the Rio Rewards Program.

Rio projects

Limited to only 12 students, classes are small and guarantee plenty of one-on-one instruction. All certification classes are the same in cost, duration and established standards. While travel, meals and lodging are the responsibility of the student, tools and PMC will be provided in the class—along with finishing and mold-making materials. Students do not need to bring anything but are welcome to bring personal tools they may want to use.

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Project images are for reference only, the curriculum is constantly evolving and specific projects may change.

Rio ring projects

Rio Rewards Instructors

Rio Rewards PMC® Certification classes are taught by world-class, respected experts in the industry. They bring to the classroom extensive experience and breadth of knowledge, allowing them to present a challenging and fun curriculum. Committed to the industry and education, the senior PMC instructors look forward to sharing it all with you!

To see the Rio Rewards Instructors, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Rio Rewards?
Rio Rewards is an exclusive program of price incentives on PMC®-related products to help you continue your success in using or teaching PMC. Members of the Rio Rewards program automatically receive the lowest price available on all silver PMC, PMC+ and PMC3 products from Rio Grande. In addition, selected tools, equipment and gemstones have been discounted.

Is certification right for me?
If you have experience in using PMC® and are seeking recognition for a standardized level of expertise in using the product, certification may be for you. The curriculum is intensive but exciting; the program is designed to test an individual’s skills in using PMC through a series of seven projects. This is NOT a beginner’s course!

How do I get certified?
Certification requires that an individual attend a certification class and successfully complete seven projects to certification standards.

How do I find a certification class near me?
Check the schedule to see when a Rio Rewards PMC® Certification class will be held in your area.

How much does a certification class cost?
Certification class fee is $495 and includes three full days of instruction, PMC® (one box of original PMC, two packages of PMC+, one package of PMC3, one sheet of PMC paper, use of syringes and PMC gold), a teacher’s packet (including an audio CD on teaching PMC), a tool kit, a finishing kit and life-time membership into the Rio Rewards program.

What is a class like?
Class is a three-day, intensive workshop designed to teach students advanced skills and techniques in working with PMC®. Senior instructors evaluate students’ work on seven PMC projects and award certification based on a uniform standard. Fun and challenging, certification is demanding and for the serious artist who seeks accreditation in PMC. Classes are small, limited to only 10-15 (12 in the UK) students, and offer opportunities for one-on-one instruction. To learn more about the certification class, see class schedule.

What should I bring to class?
All materials that you will need will be provided for you. However, should you desire, you may bring your favorite personal tools such as modeling tools, burnishers, blades, stamps, pliers, tweezers and an Optivisor™.

I registered for a class, but now I can’t attend. Can I get my money back?
As long as you cancel more than seven days in advance, your class registration fee will be refunded by Rio Grande to UK/EU students only. It is the student's responsibility to inform Rio Grande directly if they need to cancel. If you cancel less than seven days in advance, you will incur a $40 fee and your registration fee will be applied toward another Rio Grande class being held around the USA. This cannot be applied to any classes running at MCSJ. If you don't turn up for the class, no refund or fee transfer will be possible and you will lose your money.

I attended class. When will I be able to receive discounts through Rio Rewards?
Immediately! Your Rio Grande account will be specifically marked with instructions to always honor our Rio Rewards price for PMC® products.

Things to consider before booking this jewellery making course

This is a certification program and is not suitable for beginners. All materials plus a basic tool kit are provided.

Booking of this course is handled directly with Rio Grande which allows them to register you as a member of the program on successful completion of the course.

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