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Tear Away Technique Printing Service

The tear away technique is fantastic for creating your own textures to use with PMC.

What is tear away?

This is a process for transferring flat black and white images onto paper in a raised form. It is achieved by bonding polymer clay to paper via the toner used to print the images through a combination of friction and heat. You start off with a flat piece of printed paper and end up with a paper strip that has a durable textured surface and can be used over and over.

We teach the tear away technique on our Unique Textures for PMC course.

In order to create a tear away texture sheet you need to copy your black and white pictures onto heavy duty paper using a specific toner. This requires you to buy a photocopier which uses this type of toner....

But hold on...

if you don't want that expense or you only do a few tear away sheets every so often, you can now have your patterns transferred to the correct paper using the right toner by sending them to us here at MCSJ.







Tear away sheets




How can I get my pictures transferred to the right paper and toner?

Follow these simple steps:-


Logo bullet Create an A4 sheet of designs that you want to turn into tear away sheets. Use pure black and white images only, no greyscale or half tones unless you are sure you want a less defined outcome. You need to have clear definition between the black and white parts to create a really good clean texture. If you want to have readable words on your clay pieces, you'll need to send us copies with the writing reversed. This will ensure your final textures produce readable text in your metal clay.

Logo bullet You can send us as many A4 sheets for printing as you want to.

Logo bullet Download this form and fill it in.

Logo bullet Pack your A4 sheets and the form into a strong envelope with some cardboard to prevent it being bent during postage.

Logo bullet Include a stamped, self addressed envelope in your parcel so we can return your completed printing. Make sure the postage covers return of your prints and your original designs.

Logo bullet The cost of printing is £1 per A4 sheet. Include a cheque for the total amount payable as detailed on the form.

Logo bullet We will send you your designs printed on the correct paper with the proper toner and return your original designs within 10 working days.

Logo bullet We strongly suggest that you keep copies of your original designs just in case they get lost in the post! We can't be held responsible for any artwork that goes astray in the postal system.


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