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Wanaree Tanner

Qualifications I have

I've been a full-time professional artist for seven years and metal clay fanatic for four of those years. Travel and selling my work extensively has taught me to work smarter not harder, and create durable pieces that not only reflect my artistic vision, but also push my own creative boundaries.

People I have been

  • receptionist
  • tattoo
  • artist
  • amatuer harpest
  • claw hammer banjo player
  • painter
  • mediocre poet
Wanaree Tanner's work

People I am now

  • metal clay enthusiast
  • video editor for Metal Clay Artist Magazine
  • teacher
  • writer
  • graphic design artist
  • wannabe inventor and rigger of homemade tools
  • food aficionado


Wanaree's work


Wanaree Tanner

Subjects taught:-

Crash Course in Copper Clay

Book Locket Master Class

Freeform Bezel Settings with the Silhouette CAMEO


Wanaree Tanner's work

If I had a motto in life it would be...

Thinking is only one step away from doing and what you do is who you are.

Wanaree Tanner's work

During the next decade I hope to...

  • teach and travel
  • complete and publish my copper metal clay book
  • spend lots of time working on my Nouveau Relic series
  • complete and publish "Inspired by Travels" metal clay project book

Things I want to do before I die are...

  • visit Bhutan
  • experience Machu Picchu
  • eat my way through Europe… and Asia…

What I like about being involved with MCSJ

Contributing to the curriculum of such a professional and established school is an exciting honor. I look forward to watching the school continue to spread knowledge to an eager art community for many years to come.


Click here to visit Wanaree's website.

Click here to visit Wanaree's blog.

To see Wanaree teaching, view this video from Metal Clay Artist Magazine


The jewellery school is based near St Austell in Cornwall, UK and all jewellery making classes run in our well equipped workshop.

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