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Fin~tastic Bead Making Class

This is a two day class.

You can make a finned bead in just one day. Then we go on to explore more complex designs including reversed fin and hollow core designs. This class will help you become more precise with your dry construction skills and you'll learn how to make strong joins that don't look messy. We'll also look at different finishes and options for hanging your beads You'll have design freedom to choose your textures and shapes. Your bead can have as few as 3 fins or as many as you dare! There are endless possibilities in this exciting class..

Fantastic bead by Amanda Ellis

You'll also learn to make tiny textured tubes which have invisible seams and an even wall thickness. Not an easy task but we'll show you how to master it.

These have an inside diameter of just 2mm Once you learn the trick to making these you can scale them up to any size.


Hollow core bead under construction
See photo below for the end result of this bead

We'll be using our tiny tubes as a central core for more complex fin beads.
Necklace   Necklace

Hollow Fin~tastic Bead with pearl by Lisa Cain Phot Paul Mounsey
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This course is suitable for total beginners or those who have some experience in bead making.


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