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On this page you'll find some additional information and images which may help you to complete the Grade 1 projects to the required standards. Click on the images to see a high resolution close up. This may take some time to download.

Good Cork Clay Beads This collection of cork clay beads are good examples of what we are looking for. The donuts - also known as end caps - are even and neat and the textures are consistent and well finished.
Bad cork clay bead The hole in this bead is crooked and uneven with no donut and the texture is too random. It wouldn't pass.
Bad Cork Clay Bead The donut on this bead is not neat and straight. It wouldn't pass.
Good leaf beads These leaf beads are well finished, and the holes are neat and even.
Bad leaf bead The wrapping on this leaf bead is loose resulting in an uneven hole. It wouldn't pass.
Shell Charms These shell charms show good moulding and neat finishing. The jump rings are well closed.
Badly finished shell charm This shell charm shows some imperfections on the surface but these could have been on the original shell. That's why we ask you to send us your mould with the shell when submitting your work for assessment. The jump ring has been poorly attached and isn't closed properly. This would mean it wouldn't pass.
Badly finished shell charm The back of this shell charm has an inconsistent finish. The jump ring is also badly closed. It wouldn't pass.
Stone set pendants These pendants show a number of shapes and designs. All the stones are well set and neat.
Stone protruding from the back The stone in this pendant is sticking out of the back after firing. It has been set in clay too shallow to take the depth of the stone. It wouldn't pass.
Crooked stone The stone in this pendant is crooked. There are also small cracks in the surface which suggests the clay was too dry when it was rolled out and textured. It wouldn't pass.
Crooked stone close up This stone is set crooked. It wouldn't pass.
Bad stone hole The hole behind the stone in the back of this pendant is uneven and wouldn't pass.
Poorly attached bail The bail on this pendant is slightly to one side, not completely central. This will cause the pendant to hang crooked. It wouldn't pass.
Fold Over Bail Pendants These textured pendants with fold over bails and syringe work are well executed and finished. The syringe work is neat and the textures are well applied.
Earrings These earrings show a number of shapes and textures. The hooks are identical and the earrings match. Always try suspending your earrings side by side to make sure they hang correctly as this is what we will be doing during assessment.
Wrinkled balls on Sterling wire It's normal for the balls melted onto the ends of Sterling silver wire to be a little wrinked.

However, this ball has not been cleaned up in the citric acid for long enough to remove the oxidisation resulting in this blackened look. It should also have been polished.

Crooked Earwire

The earwire is crooked on this earring. The wire should line up back and front. We positioned this earring hook so you could see the wire is bent and the ball is unpolished. The ear wire wouldn't pass.

This earring also wouldn't pass because the hole is drilled off centre so it would hang crooked.

Earwires These ear wires have several areas where they don't match. They wouldn't pass.
Earrings with badly placed holes These earrings have had the holes punched in slightly different places. This would make them hang oddly, especially the one with the hole to one side of the centre. They wouldn't pass as a pair.

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