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MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 2

Home Study Course

Our prestigious Silver Metal Clay Diploma is now available to study in the comfort of your own home!

Home Study Diploma LogoIf you can't travel to study with us in Cornwall, you can now study the Diploma at your own pace and in your own time at home. Grade 1, Grade 2 and Grade 3 are now available to buy and Grade 4 is planned soon.

Guided by Lisa Cain in a relaxed, informal style, you'll learn all about silver metal clay - both brands and all varieties. You'll then be guided to complete the projects that make up the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 1 course, the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 2 course or the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 3 course. Packed with tips and hints, demonstrations and information, this is the closest thing to taking a private class with Lisa you can get - without leaving home! Check out the buzz we've been getting since launching the Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma.

Grade 4 of the Diploma has two routes if you come to Cornwall: you can choose the teaching metal clay module or the silver metal clay design and construction module. These classes will require you to come to Cornwall to study with us in person or attend a live class at your nearest MCSJ Diploma Support Centre if they are running a class. Soon, we intend to launch a Grade 4 course especially for Home Study Students. Once you've successfully completed all four Grades, you'll be awarded our Diploma and your name will be added to our Silver Metal Clay Diploma Holders Roll of Honour page.

Download the information on this page by clicking here

Special Introductory Price of £550 (plus postage) - order a copy of the
MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Grade 2 Home Study Course by clicking here

On this page, you'll find all the information you need to get started....

How does the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma work?

It’s very simple. You buy the Grade 1 Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma through our online system, this is the first step. To find out about the Diploma Grade 1 in more detail click here. Work through the projects and when you're ready, send them to us for evaluation. We'll send you detailed feedback on your work and if everything meets the standards we require, you'll pass the Grade. Scene from the DVD

When you've completed the Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 1 Home Study, you have the choice of coming to Cornwall to continue your Diploma journey - see our Jewellery Course Dates and Prices page for the dates the other Grades are running - or sign up for the Grade 2 Home Study. If you aspire to become an official MCSJ Diploma Support Centre, you'll need to take the Grades 2 to 4 in Cornwall with us.

How do I enrol for the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma?

There's no enrolment required, just buy the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Home Study Grade 1 Course from our online system. You can join the Home Study programme at any time so when you're ready, it's ready! You can study at your own pace and then send your pieces to us when they are all complete.

I live outside the UK, can I still sign up for the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma?

Yes, you can, we have students from all over the world studying the Diploma at home. On our buying options page for the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma you'll find shipping costs to countries outside the UK. The Diploma is recognised worldwide. The DVDs are region neutral in PAL format which means they will play on most computers and many modern DVD players. Some DVD players and TVs that are NTSC may have a problem playing the DVDs so check whether your equipment will play a PAL DVD before purchasing.

Do I need to sign up at a certain time of year?

One of the benefits of the Home Study Diploma is that you can start it any time you like. You don't have to enrol or follow any schedule or term. Simply buy the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Home Study Grade 1 Course from our online system and then study at your own pace. When you're ready, you can buy the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Grade 2 and Grade 3 Home Study. The Home Study Diploma will be available to buy 24 hours a day/seven days a week just like any other product. You can study around your work and family commitments and gain the qualification in a way that works for you.

Can I pay for the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma by instalments?

Yes, you can. Contact us by email or phone to set this up. You simply pay the non-refundable deposit of £100, then monthly payments to suit your budget until the cost is paid off. You can pay by cheque each month or call to pay by credit card. We'll send you a reminder when your payment is due. Alternatively we can keep your card details safely on file and take the payment each month automatically. PLEASE NOTE: Nothing will be sent to you until you have paid the full cost of the Grade you are buying so please make sure you are familiar with the way the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma works before asking to set up an instalment plan.

Do I have to have passed the Grade 1 to buy the Grade 2?

No, it's not necessary to have passed the Grade 1 to buy the Grade 2 pack. But you should wait until you've submitted your Grade 1 pieces and received feedback on them before submitting your Grade 2 pieces. You'll learn a lot about the standards we require from our Diploma students once your Grade 1 pieces have been evaluated. This learning should be applied to your Grade 2 pieces as we expect you to maintain the standards you achieved at Grade 1 and build on these as you progress. If you're really keen you can buy all the Grades at once and work through them but do make sure you have an evaluation for Grade 1 before moving on.

Can I buy the Grade 2 or Grade 3 without doing the Grade 1?

You can buy the other Grades if you choose to but you will not be able to gain the full Diploma unless you've passed all four Grades. Also, each Grade builds on the one before so in the Grade 2 and Grade 3 DVDs and paperwork, we refer to things learned at the previous grades. Grade 1 contains all the basic skills and these are not repeated at the higher Grades. If you don't have the Grade 1 pack, you won't have access to this information and may struggle with some of the projects or with achieving the standards required.

What's in the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Grade 2 Home Study Diploma pack?

The Home Study Course pack contains:-

  • Three DVDs showing intermediate techniques, tips and hints and all the Grade 2 projects - have a sneak peek at the DVD content here
  • All materials and resources including silver clay for each project - with a retail value of over £230
  • A CD with additional information and project guides for you to print
  • Voucher for free kiln firing sessions with one of our MCSJ Diploma Support Centres or with us here at MCSJ

The pack contains all the materials and resources you need to make the Diploma projects.
Here's a complete list of what you get:- Grade 2 Home Study Packs

  • 25g PMC3
  • 10g PMC Standard
  • 10g Art Clay Silver 650
  • 5g Syringe Clay and nozzle
  • Art Clay Paper Type
  • PMC+ Sheet
  • 43cms of 0.8mm Sterling silver round wire
  • 28cms of 0.8mm copper wire
  • 10cms each 0.8mm, 1mm, 1.5mm copper wire
  • 1 glass cabochon
  • 1 natural stone
  • Borax powder
  • Borax pot
  • Citric Acid
  • Hard solder
  • Dockyard Carving Tool
  • Latex free disposable gloves
  • Erasers for carving
  • Two part epoxy resin
  • Acrylic paint

To view a video of what's in the Grade 2 box, click here


Can I just buy the course without the materials and resources?

Yes, you can. If you already have access to the materials and resources that are included in the pack, you can buy the DVDs, CD of resource notes, vouchers for free kiln firing sessions and the course paperwork only at a reduced price. You will be eligible to send in your work for evaluation but YOU MUST USE THE CORRECT CLAY AND RESOURCES FOR EACH PROJECT. The reduced price for the course only is £384 for UK customers, £394 for the rest of the World. To buy this click here

What is the process for studying the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Grade 2 Diploma at home?

Once you receive your pack, we suggest you start by watching the DVDs all the way through. This will give you a good idea about what you need to practice before you start making your projects. You can also explore all the resources on the CD. This contains all the slides from the DVDs, project tutorials and useful additional information.

On the DVDs, Lisa will continue your silver metal clay experience and cover the following topics:-

  • Ring making
  • Working with glass
  • Bezel setting delicate stones that can't be fired in place
  • Adding colour using resin
  • Soldering jump rings closed
  • Making ear wires with a catch
  • Carving directly into metal clay
  • Making your own textures
  • Modelling with metal clay
  • Weaving PMC+ sheet
  • Quilling with Art Clay Paper Type

Lisa will demonstrate all the projects, showing you how to make your pieces to the standards we require from our Diploma students.
The projects are as follows:-All Grade 2 Projects

  • Ring
  • Layered charm with resin colour
  • Modelled charm
  • Carved earrings
  • Quilled charm
  • Pendant with hand made texure and bezel set stone
  • Woven earrings
  • Pendant with glass cabochon

In the Home Study pack is a form containing all the criteria we will be using to evaluate your finished pieces. Make sure you are familiar with these before you make any of the projects.

What do I need to provide myself?

You will need all the tools you used at Grade 1 plus these additional tools. The course pack DOES NOT CONTAIN THESE TOOLS:-

  • Wooden ring mandrel
  • Snips for solder
  • Bezel rocker
  • Rawhide or nylon mallet
  • Cross lock tweezers
  • Sanding pads
  • Needle tool
  • Some form of magnification - strong reading glasses, jewellers loupe or Optivisor

You can arrange to visit one of our MCSJ Diploma Support Centres to use their tools and facilities for a small fee. All the metal clay suppliers also sell these tools.

You'll also need access to a kiln for some of the projects at Grade 2. In the Home Study Diploma Grade 2 pack there are two vouchers for free kiln firing sessions from one of our MCSJ Diploma Support Centres or from us here at MCSJ. Call the Support Centre to arrange an appointment or to let them know you will be posting your pieces. You must make sure your work is carefully packed to avoid breakage. Your pieces will be returned fired and unpolished - allow 28 days for the return of your work.

How are my Grade 2 pieces evaluated?

The MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma is widely recognised as the most thorough and comprehensive metal clay qualification in the world. Scene from DVDThe standards for passing are rigorously applied and this is no different for Home Study students.

Once you've completed all the projects - made, fired and polished, jump rings attached and soldered where applicable and the earrings have their ear wires made and attached - pack them up and send them to us at MCSJ. All the details about this are in the pack together with the forms you need to fill in and send with your work. We will also require you to sign a declaration verifying that the pieces you send to us are your own work.

We will let you know when your work arrives safely. It will be evaluated in the same way as we evaluate students' work when they come and study the Diploma with us in Cornwall. You should allow 28 days for the evaluation process.

What happens when I pass?

When you pass, you’ll receive feedback on your work plus the Grade 2 Certificate, along with all your silver pieces, posted back to you.

What happens if I don’t pass?

If you don’t pass, you’ll receive feedback on the project(s) that need resubmission with details about what you need to do to meet the criteria. In some cases you may need to make the piece(s) again from scratch. We will not supply more metal clay for you to do this. You can either use any metal clay you had left from your projects – providing it is the right variety – or you can buy more from any of the metal clay suppliers in your country. Make sure that the metal clay you buy is the right kind for the project.

Your first submission to us is free and the cost of returning the pieces to you by insured delivery is included in the Home Study pack price. If you don’t pass first time, each subsequent re-submission MUST be accompanied by a cheque for £10 to cover evaluation, return postage and packing. Students outside the UK can pay this by Paypal or credit card. You can resubmit pieces as many times as necessary until you pass.

What if I need help?

All the skills and techniques you need to pass the Silver Metal Clay Diploma are included on the DVDs in the Home Study pack. If you need extra help or advice, there are a number of ways you can get this.

You can always call or email us at MCSJ if you need help or advice. We also have a Facebook Group specifically for our Home Study students. This is a secret group so you won't find it by searching on Facebook. Membership of the Group is by invitation and full details of how to do this are included in the Home Study pack.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment with one of our MCSJ Diploma Support Centres if you have one near you. The Support Centres offer a variety of services to support Diploma students which they charge for. Please note these are not included in the price you paid for the Diploma Home Study pack.

One service you may want to use is a critique of your work before you send it in to us. All our Diploma Support Centres that offer this service have staff that have been through the Diploma and know the standards we're looking for. If you buy a critique session with one of them, they will advise you on any changes or amendments you need to make to bring your pieces up to our standards*.

The Diploma Support Centres are also authorised to run classes to support the skills, techniques and projects required for the Home Study Diploma. They will charge a fee for these classes and this is not included in the cost of the Home Study pack. All our Diploma Support Centres have voluntarily signed up to our Teaching Code of Practice which means you have peace of mind when choosing any training from them.

* Please note, a critique session with one of our Diploma Support Centres does not guarantee your pieces will pass the final evaluation. The Support Centre staff will give you guidance on the standard of your work and give you suggestions on how to rectify any problems. Final evaluation will be by Lisa Cain and her decision is final.

What is the return policy for the Home Study Diploma?

Please note that we DO NOT offer a refund on the Home Study kit. Due to the nature of the intellectual property contained on the DVD and CD, the Home Study cannot be returned. Your order is a firm commitment to buy and there is a very full and clear description of exactly what is included in each box as well as several clips to show the type of video quality contained on the DVD.

We will, however, replace faulty merchandise only when it is returned to us in original packaging.

Tell me more about MCSJ Diploma Support Centres

To support the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma, we’ve teamed up with a group of talented artists and teachers, all of whom have experienced the MCSJ Diploma first hand. Most of them are full Diploma holders, some are on the way to becoming full Diploma holders. Each of them has been through a rigorous application process to become authorised as a Diploma Support Centre. They are authorised to offer a number of services which support the Silver Metal Clay Home Study Diploma course. These Support Centres are dotted around the UK and also in several countries in Europe.

Support Centres staffed by full Diploma holders offer a range of services from kiln firing and open workshops to running classes supporting the skills and techniques required by Home Study students.

Our Support Centres staffed by people who are still working towards the full Diploma are authorised to offer kiln firing services and open workshop days for students to use their tools and facilities. As soon as they pass the full Diploma, they will be authorised to offer the complete range of services.

One of the things we’ve asked all our Support Centres to sign up to is a teaching Code of Practice. This Code aims to lay out some fundamental aspects of running a good class. It is a Code of Practice designed to improve teaching standards. We are not interested in prescribing what our Support Centres teach; instead we aim to provide an umbrella set of goals that all teachers would want to aspire to.

This provides students with peace of mind when choosing a teacher for their metal clay journey. When you choose a teacher who is part of our team, you can be sure they will provide a safe and supportive teaching environment and offer you value for money. If you have any problems, we have a Code of Practice Assurance Process.

 If you are interested in joining our Diploma Support Centre team, click here…

When are the other Diploma Grades going to be available for Home Study?

The Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 3 Home Study is now available. The Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 4 Home Study will be available in 2013. The two Grade 4 options, Teaching Metal Clay Effectively and Metal Clay Design and Construction will only be available as a live class. To gain the full Diploma you currently need to study one of the Grade 4 classes with us in Cornwall until the Grade 4 Home Study class is launched. We are expecting to offer these classes in other venues around the UK and the world at some date in the future. Please contact your nearest MCSJ Diploma Support Centre to ask them if they plan to host a Grade 4 class in the future.

Can I join the Loyalty Card Programme as a Home Study Diploma Student?

Yes. Visit our Loyalty Card page and sign up for the Loyalty Card within a week of signing up for the Home Study Grade. We'll stamp your card and send it to you. Home Study students will need to send us their Loyalty Card when they sign up for Home Study Grades so we can stamp their card.

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