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What people have said about making their own wedding rings at MCSJ

Wedding rings are the most physical, most tangible representation of marriage....the fact that Neil and I made rings for each other is so incredibly special to me. Thank you for making it possible! - Caroline

We now have unique and personalised rings, and a great story to go with them! Thank you! - Neil

Neil and Caroline
June 2012

Thanks so much. Beautiful rings - great teaching and a really fun and memorable day. A really special way to make our rings which will stay with us together! Thanks again.

Marianne and Philip
May 2012

Today we made our wedding rings. We both had an amazing day. The whole day I wasn't able to stop smiling. Lisa made us feel so welcome and helped us all day long, she was fantastic. Once we had finished polishing our rings I said to Lisa "I'm sure you know how happy I am, but I can't tell you how much enjoyment you have given us today."

I have taken some leaflets to give to my friends who are due to get married.

Once everyone sees our wedding rings they won't believe that we made them, that's why having photos all day is invaluable. We have had so much fun it's so hard to write that down.

Thanks so much, I'm sure we'll meet again.

Lorna and Alistair
January 2012

We look forward to telling everyone the story behind our wedding rings.

Hannah and George
August 2011

We decided that by making our rings they would be extra special to us but now that they are made they are extra, extra, extra special!! Looking at the pictures of other peoples' rings we couldn't believe how they turned out and we're so pleased with our rings although still can't believe how good they look.

We're definitely going to have to hide them away before the wedding to stop us trying them on! We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would recommend it to anyone.

Anna and Graham
July 2011

Making our own wedding rings with Lisa has been a fantastic and symbolic experience. It's great to leave with rings that it took time and effort to make for one another. It means we feel much closer to the jewellery and will also carry that experience around with us! Each aspect of the process was fascinating and great fun - a bit like a parallel to building our relationship. Thanks very much - a wonderful day.

Hannah and Alan
March 2011

Our day at the workshop and with Lisa has been wonderful from start to finish. The day was fun and we both learnt so much. We have made perfect rings for our perfect day.

Lorraine and Adrian
February 2011

We really enjoyed this class. There was plenty of time to ask questions and extra support when required. The pace of the day was perfect for us.

Hazel and Sandy
March 2010

Thank you so much! Fantastic day, such a special thing to do. Results even better than I had hoped for. The absolute favourite piece of jewellery I will ever own ( and I have a few!), many, many thanks.

Fran and Jonathan

We loved meeting you and every part of making our wedding rings - especially the soldering and polishing. Thankyou for your patient explanation and for sharing your workspace and craft with us.

Katie and Matt
October 2007

Thankyou for a fabulous and memorable day! We are thrilled with our 'bespoke' rings. I'm really glad Gus had the platinum to work with though - and now he is an expert in soldering! Something else to put on his cv.

Angus and Jayne
September 2007

We are so over the moon with our beautiful rings ( I love my especially chunky monkey!) Of course the company was the best bit.

Joe and Jane
June 2007

Hooray! Phew! We did it! What a wonderful day this has been. Thankyou for your amazing support without which we would have finished up with wonky blackened lozenges!! Instead we have perfect round rings.

Steve and Harriet

What an ace day! Thanks so much for your time and your patience! We've really enjoyed ourselves and will remember forever. Altogether now - scratches!!

Stuart and Cathy
May 2007

What a wonderful day - we had so much fun and learned a lot too! It made the rings even more symbolic to have created them together - not always getting it right - a bit like marriage really! Thanks Lisa.

Mary and Pete
April 2007

From the initial phone call to the end of this magical day it has been such an exciting, fun, special experience we will keep with us forever. We have both beamed all day. The time and love that went into creating our rings for each other will make us treasure so much more than a shop one. Thank you so much.

Gemma and Suna
April 2007

Truly unique. Definitely the most fun part of our wedding preparation! Thankyou very much.

Gemma and Joe

Thank you for an amazing day! Your patience and pace were perfect and you made us feel soooo comfortable with making our wedding rings. We are totally over the moon with the results and thanks again.

Tony and Charlie

This has so far been the most fun part of the endless wedding preparations! This has been a lovely, relaxing day and we can leave here feeling proud and totally happy with two amazing hand crafted wedding rings.

Anne and Barry
September 2006

Only a week to go until our wedding and we've managed to get away and not only make something beautiful but also to relax and get some time to focus...and essentially forge our love into our rings...thankyou for showing us how - really well explained and relaxed atmosphere. We won't forget it.

Mark and Jen
August 2006

Thank you very much for an amazing experience, everything about the day has been perfect! We are really pleased with the final results! Thanks again for everything!

Natalie and James
April 2006

Thanks for a fantastic day. Making our wedding rings was one of the best ideas and experiences yet. Really pleased they came out so well, especially considering my complete lack of artistic talents!

Jane and Chris
January 2006

Wow! What an amazing day! What can we possibly say that hasn't been said before!! After looking in many jewellery stores, nothing compares to what we left with today. The memories of what it took to get our bands and what it meant to us to do it - priceless! What a truly brilliant day...thank you!

Joanne and Phil
August 2005

Definitely worth a day trip from London. We love your studio and felt so at home here.

Sarah and Oliver
July 2005

We thoroughly enjoyed making our rings and feel that they add a wonderfully personal touch to our nuptials.

Kylie and John
July 2005

Thank you for a lovely day. It will not only be the rings we keep forever, but also the memory of making them!! The friendly and welcoming atmosphere made the day even more special.

Allie and Tom
February 2005

Why would anybody buy a wedding band from a high street store!? This is the perfect way to symbolise marriage. We had a fantastic day and absolutely love our finished rings! We will certainly be recommending you to others.

Kate and Matthew
June 2012

What a fantastic day, thank you so much. I can't believe we made such professional looking shiny rings! It was great to have such competent and patient tutorage - thank you. We have really enjoyed making our rings and can't wait to start wearing them. Having something so beautiful and unique to wear every day will be so exciting. Looking forward to telling everyone - we made them ourselves! Thank you.

James and Helena
May 2012

What an excellent day! We never imagined that we would be able to produce such professional looking rings (with Lisa's expert guidance of course!)

This has really kick started the final run up to our big day in July this year. Lisa is an inspirational teacher and made sure we were guided all the way. Many thanks again.

Simon and Sally
April 2012

We had a terrific time making our wedding rings. It was very gratifying seeing them turn from dull strips of metal to beautiful, professional looking pieces of jewellery. Lisa was an excellent tutor and it was well worth the trip down here. We will recommend it.

Rebecca and Marric
March 2012

After unfortunately losing our original ring (husband's!!) that we made here in 2006 we knew we had to return as no other replacement would even come close!

Thankyou so much for another amazing experience, one which hopefully we won't need to repeat!!

Natalie and James
October 2011

We are so glad we decided to make our own rings. Just to spend the day together creating the rings was special enough, but the finished result is better than we could have imagined. What a wonderful story to tell our children and grandchildren!

We can't wait to show them off on our wedding day. Thank you so much for this opportunity, it is a day we will always remember and it makes our rings so much more personal.

Ben and Rohanna
August 2011

Thankyou for your help today! I have thoroughly enjoyed the process of making Chris's wedding ring - and we are both chuffed to bits with the very personal end result. I would recommend this day as a lovely experience for anyone looking for a unique way of creating their wedding ring (or rings!)

April 2011

We decided to make our own wedding rings because we thought they would be much more special. We hadn't a clue how to make them, or what would be involved, and at the start of our day, when given our straight pieces of metal we really didn't believe that even an expert could turn them into anything resembling wedding rings! We were a bit worried we wouldn't have the skils to carry out all the tasks involved but Martin soon found that 'brute force' played a big part and that spurred him on!!

We had a really great day, learning a lot along the way and are absolutely amazed at the wonderful rings we ended up with - they look professionally made! Not only will we go away with our amazing rings, but wonderful memories too.

We simply can't thank you enough for a fantastic experience.

Mandi and Martin
October 2010

Informative, simply explained enabling us to get on in very quick time. Very good, enjoyed the day.

T Pope
April 2010

Thankyou for a wonderful day and a great experience. We can't believe we can make something that looks so professional starting the day off with a piece of metal! Thanks for your great tuition and guidance. This will be a day we remember and treasure for the rest of our lives. The photo's are great too.

Sharon and Simon
February 2008

Thankyou so much for helping us to make our gorgeous wedding rings. You have helped to give us something memorable which will last a lifetime.

Lindsy and John

Thank you for a wonderful experience. So satisfying to make our own rings.

Elizabeth and Robert
June 2007

Wow! I can't believe they actually came out round! Thankyou for our beautiful rings and a lovely experience!

Jo and Baz
June 2007

We have had a gorgeous day. Thank you for your experience, time and patience. You deserve a very large glass of wine. We will be giving many word of mouth recommendations. What a special day.

Elaine and Jane
May 2007

This was planned as a surprice for me and what a super way to make our own wedding rings - excellent. From start to finish an amazing experience for us both, one we shall never forget.

Sarah and Phil
May 2007

After a fab day I'm genuinely amazed with the results. Thanks for your patience and encouragement, it was a really lovely thing to do for our big day.

Ben and Hayley
April 2007

Thankyou sooo much for a fantastic, fun day. We really enjoyed it. Really glad we had the opportunity to make these unique rings. A really lovely part of our wedding preparations. Thankyou again, it was lovely to meet you.

Tannis and Andrew
March 2007

Thankyou for a wonderful day. We had so much fun making the rings and you were a fantastic teacher. They look fantastic and we can't believe that we actually made them! Every time we look at them we'll remember what a special day we had.

Sarah and Martin
January 2007

You have taken us on a fantastic journey today! This has well and truly been the start of our wedded life together and we'll remember this experience, our efforts and your patient support forever. Thanks.

Lizzie and Marc

Thanks for such an inspiring day. Just the way to head into our new life together. A fantastic day making our wedding rings. A superb teacher and new skills learnt!

Graham and Soozie
September 2006

Thankyou for an unforgettable day - and helping to make our special day that little bit more personal. We're glad we chose to do this - and would happily do it again. It's a great feeling knowing our wedding rings really are the only ones of their kind!

Khadija and Kerrin

This will be one of our favourite memories of planning the wedding. Can't wait for the big day now to show them off! A unique way of creating rings to last a lifetime. Thanks for your support, guidance and encouragement.

Gina and Jeremy

It has been a great day, the rings have turned out really well, it's been lots of fun, expert tuition, a very special and memorable day.

Max and Leah
August 2005

The pictures were a great record of our day and really excellent quality. We will have them running on a computer for everyone to see at our reception. We love our rings!

Jane and Kyle
August 2005

When we discovered I wanted 'unique' rings and he wanted plain rings, I thought we were doomed. Now we both couldn't be happier with the results. We have such great memories AND rings we actually want to wear!

Esther and Steve
April 2005

Thank you so much for an absolutely fantastic day. Making each other's wedding rings was without doubt one of the most memorable experiences to date. With luck, the big day itself will go just as smoothly and be as much fun! Looking forward to the Tiara class.

Sarah and Chris
Valentines Day 2005

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