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Private Jewellery Making Tuition

Here at the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery, we have a fully equipped jewellery making workshop and a group of talented tutors ready to help you achieve your goals. We're passionate about what we do and we want to share that with anyone who's interested. To see some case studies and video of students who had private classes at MCSJ, click here.

Are you looking for one-to-one tuition in any aspect of making jewellery? Do you have a specific learning requirement to meet a personal or professional goal? Would you like to use our kilns for a day to make metal clay jewellery or glass work?

You can now hire our excellent facilities and the personal attention of an expert tutor for a day, a weekend or even longer to teach you one-to-one.

Imagine how much you could learn with the tutor at your side, encouraging and assisting you every step of the way.

You'll have exclusive use of all our equipment and you can pick the tutor's brains at your own pace and to your own requirements. This approach is ideal for anyone who wants to learn a new skill quickly or improve their existing skills for a specific outcome.

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Maybe you're retiring or you've been made redundant and you want to learn a new skill to turn into your own business.

When you call us to discuss your requirements, we'll put you in touch with the best tutor for your specific needs. You'll discuss what you want with the tutor before you come and the tutor will make sure all the necessary materials are there when you arrive.

Depending on your individual needs, the tutor will set projects to develop your skills or you can bring along your work for trouble-shooting, problem solving or further development.

Exclusive use of the workshop and a tutor for the day costs £350. You pay for the cost of any materials, like silver, gold or platinum, precious or semi-precious stones, glass, PMC etc or you are welcome to bring along your own.

Contact us today to talk through your ideas - with this approach, in one day you could learn more than a year of evening classes!

Things to consider before booking these courses...

Private hire of our facilities and the personal attention of an experienced tutor is open to complete beginners, those with a little experience or professional artists and jewellers.

You will have exclusive use of the workshop and the equipment and a personal tutor at a cost of £350 per day. Materials will be charged on use and you will be asked to pay for any special materials needed for your projects at the time of booking.

To see some case studies of private tuition, click here.

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bullet logo The jewellery school is based near Exeter, Devon, UK and all jewellery making classes run in our well equipped, purpost built workshop.

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Visit this page to find out the dates and price of the jewellery making course and book jewellery making classes online using our secure system. If the jewellery making course you're interested in is not on the schedule...

Call us on +44 (0) 783 310 5744 or email us to discuss your learning requirements

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