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What's Involved in Making Your Own Wedding Rings?

Unlike some other workshops you will be doing 99% of the making, which includes the soldering. Safety is a high priority and we will explain everything to you on the day.

Your tutor will be making a ring in silver alongside you to demonstrate each part of the process in gradual steps. After each segment of demonstration it’s your turn. The teacher keeps a close eye on your progress at all times and takes lots of photos of you at work. These photos will be burned onto a disc for you to take away.

The Wedding Ring workshop is booked from 10am - 5pm but sometimes we are finished as early as 3 o’clock.

Here’s what’s involved in making your rings…

We order the metal you need ahead of time so it is all here ready and waiting for you on the day. Pictures are taken at every step.

Lisa taking photo's of the metalmetalmetalmetal

The ends of the metal might need some filing to remove any rough or crooked angles.

Lisa working alongside the studentsfiliingfilingfiling

Then we shape the metal into a rough round. The tutor demonstrates each stage.

Lisa demonstratingshapingshapingshaping

almost ringsalmost ringsalmost rings

More filing to get the ends to match up neatly. The tutor guides you every step of the way.

Lisa demonstratingfilingfilingfiling

Once the two ends are brought together it’s time for soldering. The flame might look scary but you are given careful guidance and appropriate safety equipment. The tutor will demonstrate first.

Lisa demonstrating solderingsolderingsolderingsoldering

soldering soldering soldering

After soldering, the rings go in the ‘pickle’ (all will be explained on the day!) and then we check closely for any gaps in the solder join.
The tutor will check too.

Lisa checking the solder joinsinspectioninspectioninspection

Now our rings can be shaped with the hammer on the mandrel until they are perfectly round and we make sure they fit comfortably.

Lisa watching the progresshammeringhammeringhammering


We file away all signs of solder and blend the join in.

Lisa assisting a studentfilingfilingfiling

Scratches are removed from the inside of the rings with the pendant motor. The tutor will show you how to work safely.

Lisa demonstratingpolishingpolishingpolishing

Any scratches and file marks are removed from the outside with various grades of wet & dry sanding sticks.

Lisa demonstratingsandingsandingsanding

The final polish on the big mops is always a delight. The rings come alive with a high shine and couples realise their rings really do look as good as the rings in jewellers shop window!

final polishfinal polishfinal polish

We did it! You can too. And you have some great photos!

couple with their ringscouple with their ringscouple with their rings

Some people choose a ‘brushed finish rather than a high shine.


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