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Metal Clay

Imagine for a moment.....being able to bend, shape and texture metal with the ease of working in clay!

Metal Clay is a revolutionary material that can be worked in the same way as clay and when fired leaves your design with all its detail in pure silver. Texture, bead making and stone setting are given a whole new slant with metal clay.

PMC was originally created by Mitsubishi and Art Clay was created by Aida Chemicals in the late 1990's. The substance has been further developed into various different forms including clay, sheet, paste and syringe form as well as Bronze Clay, Copper Clay, Brass Clay and Steel Clay. Metal Clay has been perfected into a material which challenges any preconceived ideas about how precious metals must be worked.

Jewellers, ceramicists and artists will be impressed with the potential for a whole new way of working. It can take as little as 10 minutes in the kiln or five minutes with a gas torch for the metal clay to be fired. The silver or gold pieces can then be sent for hallmarking.

Announcement from Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery

30th May 2023

The MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma Home Study Course is now closed to new admissions and further sales.

Students with outstanding work have a further two years (until June 1st 2025) to submit items for assessment and award of certificates.

No further work will be assessed after that time.

Advice is still available to help you complete your work before the deadline via the private MCSJ Home Study Support group on Facebook or via email

We’ve enjoyed our many years of service in this arena and wish you all well with your future endeavours.

Warm regards,

Lisa Cain

Founding Director

We designed the very first independent qualification for working with metal clay in 2007. The MCSJ Diploma in Silver Metal Clay Proficiency is now widely recognised as the most thorough and comprehensive metal clay qualification in the world.

A key difference between the MCSJ Diploma and other metal clay training is our emphasis on traditional silverwork techniques which includes learning to make your own silver findings, making different types of earwires, making jumprings and soldering chain. You will learn to solder sterling silver onto metal clay and set stones using a traditional bezel setting with metal clay.

Another key difference with other metal clay qualifications is our brand neutral approach. Both brands of silver metal clay are included in our Diploma so you'll learn to work with a wide range of formulations and decide for yourself which you prefer, depending on what you want to achieve. Brand specific qualifications and training will not give you the complete picture and our tutors are experts at working with both brands and all formulations.

The Diploma in Silver Metal Clay Proficiency MCSJ Dip. MC

The Diploma in Silver Metal Clay Proficiency is free from any association with marketing, discounts or any particular supplier. Therefore it is a truly independent qualification and sets the new standard for excellence within the metal clay world. It is only taught by world renowned metal clay artist Lisa Cain.

It consists of four grades:

Our Diploma should not be confused with any other metal clay certification or qualification. This training stands alone for quality and depth.

No other course gives such a broad hands-on education covering all types of metal clay. You can study for this qualification gradually and each of the individual segments can stand alone as a significant achievement. If you already have our Silver Metal Clay Diploma you can simply ‘bolt on’ the additional Art Clay and Bronze and Copper Clay classes to progress to the Higher Metal Clay Diploma.

If you have the Art Clay Certification or the Rio Rewards PMC Certification from another teacher, on production of your certificates you will be credited with this portion of the Higher Diploma.

Upon completion of all three segments, artists will be entitled to use the registered letters after their names. For example, Mary Maker HDMC

Bronze clay beadBronze and Copper Clay Introduction

This class introduces you to the unpredictable and pioneering world of Bronze and Copper clay. Still very experimental, this material is probably the most anticipated development in the metal clay world ever. On the introductory course you'll learn how to work with Bronze and Copper clay, the similarities and differences with silver metal clay and its unique qualities.

 which is an excellent source of advice and developments.

The jewellery school is based in Cornwall, UK and all jewellery making classes run in our well equipped workshop.

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