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Diploma in Silver Metal Clay Proficiency

Anna Skrzynska MCSJ Dip. MC

I started my metal clay about 5 years ago when I got a book about from my children about this silver clay technique for jewellery making. I always liked sculpting and silver clay turned out to be something great for me.  At the beginning I tried to create my own projects, which I really enjoyed.  I gave everything I made away as presents to my family and friends. Their reactions encouraged me to study further.  So, I decided to take courses, which helped me to get more and more experience. 

I recently passed the MCSJ  Silver Metal Clay Diploma (teaching module at Grade 4) and came back to my profession as a teacher.  My classes are in Exeter - Devon, prepared for maximum four students which allows me to focus on my students and their work in a comfortable class size. 

For information about courses visit Anna's website here:

Anna's Work

Rosemary's work

Rosemary's work

Rosemary Cochrane MCSJ Dip. MC

I had been making salt glaze ceramics for over 30 years when I decided to do a day workshop in precious metal clay. I was straight away bewitched by the alchemy of turning "clay" into silver! I decided this would be my new creative venture and I am so glad that I chose to follow the MCSJ diploma course. It has been a way of learning in a structured way with the best of tutors, Lisa Cain. I was also able to add on some courses with Lisa, to learn more techniques; both the Fintastic and the Colour and Texture days were amazingly useful. All the study days have been great fun as well as steep learning curves! Lisa has been there to show us the skills and encourage all her students to complete work to a high standard.

I registered my maker’s hallmark with the London Assay Office in March 2014 and three months later I have just set up a display of my first collection of 90 pieces of fine silver jewellery in a shared exhibition "Silver and Thread" with Louise Watson textile artist and embroider, at the National Trust property Newark Park in Gloucestershire. All the work in the exhibition is inspired by the house and grounds. Louise’s work is beautifully illustrative whilst I have explored textures and simple shapes to create my silver jewellery. It is only the start. There is so much more to do and learn and the new location for MCSJ sounds just the place to go!

Janet Booth MCSJ Dip. MC

From the time I could walk I would love to create with mud and sparkly things, moving through child hood with plenty of paint and clay objects de art. As a teen and young adult it was dressmaking and design with thoughts of becoming an interior designer or graphic artist, somehow ended up as a Police Officer instead. As a young mother of two, I would devour craft courses from painting, doll making, quilting, cross-stich and anything else where I could have fun and be creative. Fabric became my choice of creativity for a long time. I’m essentially inspired by nature and I love colour.

In February 2011 I took a basic introduction to Metal Clay at a local shop and I was hooked. Did a few other day courses and decided I needed to polish up my skills, which is how I found the MCSJ Metal Clay Diploma which I completed in February 2014. What a journey – fantastic, feel confident of my skills now and looking forward to gradually building a reputation in customised jewellery and eventually teaching Metal Clay. I hope this will prove to be my retirement salvation or at least keep me out of trouble. I will continue to take classes in various jewellery related disciplines to build on my diploma; I love how skills from previous crafts in some way or form can be translated to work with metal clay. Next stop is a Master Class or two and possibly the Masters Registry.

Janet's work

Janet's Work

Geraldine's work

Geraldine's work

Geraldine Dalgarno MCSJ Dip. MC

Passing grade 4 of the diploma has given me a real sense of achievement and is something I am very proud of. For various reasons it has taken me a couple of years to get here but during that time I have been able to build on all the many skills I have learned during the excellent diploma course. When I started out I never thought I would be able to construct something like my little grade 4 box but thanks to Lisa's fantastic tuition I have the confidence and skill to really enjoy working with metal clay. I would thoroughly reccomend the MCSJ diploma to anyone interested in metal clay and will be back in Cornwall to continue expanding my skills as soon as possible.

Louise West's work

Louise's work

Louise West MCSJ Dip. MC

I started with metal clay in 2010 when I was starting my MA in art and design, using it in a multimedia piece of 3D sculptural lace. I very quickly realised how versatile this medium could be to portray lace in a contemporary manner, while still retaining the purpose of lace – to adorn and make the wearer feel beautiful.  This led me to completing the MCSJ Diploma and developing my style of work which often incorporates lace, natural inspiration, and organic form. My work uses historical research of lace and often captures memories within the pieces.  I work and teach workshops in both metal clay and lacemaking from a studio based at Banks Mill studios, in Derby, a very creative environment which continues to feed and inspire creative development. 

Visit Louise's website here

Sandra Hopkins MCSJ Dip. MC

I have always been interested in crafts. As a child I loved making clothes and accessories for my dolls and I still dabble in sewing. I am also quite practical and more than happy to tackle DIY and flat packs! The jewellery making started with a beading kit and spiralled out of control from there. I love experimenting with new techniques because for me the journey of discovery is the most exciting. I have an obsessive compulsion to learn in everything I do which it could be argued makes me a jack of all trades and a master of none! I am constantly flitting from one project to another and normally have several on the go at any one time. I enjoy working with metal clays and silver smithing and I think the two interests complement each other and give me greater scope in my work. I also love gemstones and handmade glass which I frequently incorporate into my pieces.

At the moment the jewellery making is still a hobby for me, I sell a few pieces through a local salon and am collaborating with a friend to do some craft shows and markets. As I work full time it is a constant juggle to fit in work, family life and the jewellery making. My aim for the future is to set up a workshop at home where I can do small classes, gradually building up a business that will allow me to commit more time to doing what I enjoy most.

Sandra's work

Sandras workSandras work

Sandra's Work

Mikiko's work

Miki's work

Mikiko Kurose MCSJ Dip. MC

Miki is originally from Kyoto, Japan, but lives and works in Nottinghamshire. She has been designing and making jewellery for fifteen years and specialises in glass fusing and silver work.

Her designs are heavily influenced by her Japanese background and she derives much of her inspiration from classic oriental design with twist of modern influence. 

She also designs contemporary jewellery ranging from the simple to the intricate.

Visit Miki's website here

Chris Pate MCSJ Dip. MC

Chris is the owner and Principal of Touchmark Studios, Chew Magna near Bristol. The two storey studio provides a fully equipped jewellery workshop with six jewellers’ benches on the ground floor and a dedicated metal clay area with six work spaces on the upper floor.

Chris opened her studios in 2005 following completion of a four year metalworking course at the Bristol School of Art. This fulfilled a long time ambition to make jewellery which first started when she was 16 and when she cast a silver ring during a weekly recreational class at college. 

Chris first discovered metal clay three years into her four year metalworking course and was completely bowled over by it. She spent her final year at college researching metal clay and combining it with traditional forms of making jewellery and produced a unique body of work for her final dissertation. She knew she had to spread the word about this amazing new medium and started her teaching  practice soon after leaving college. 

Chris is a generous teacher. She is passionate about working with metal clay and loves to share her wealth of knowledge and experience. She will always remember the thrill of making her first piece all those years ago and it is her aim to pass this experience on through her teaching.

Visit Chris's website here

Flowers pendantTree of life

Chris's work

Rosie's work

Rosie Nicholson MCSJ Dip. PMC

My journey began when I saw what could be created with wire and a few stones. Already inspired to create beautiful jewellery I came across precious metal clay, also known as PMC and Art Clay. Bronze and Steel clay are recent additions and some of these metals are also included in my work. Curious about this new substance I enrolled on the intensive course with the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery and obtained my diploma.

At this stage my work took on a new dimension. I noticed all the wonderful lampwork beads that were available and decided to learn how to make my own.

My work has been on sale at the Newgate Gallery York and McKinleys Jewellery shop in Burton-on-Trent. It is also currently on sale at Half Past Four in Lichfield.

Visit Rosie's website here.

Tracey Spurgin MCSJ Dip. MC

Tracey Spurgin has been in the creative world for just over 30 years. She first trained in fashion design and textiles, weaving through her life picking up many new art and creative skills along the way, working with different media, always in a professional capacity. 

The discovery of metal clay was purely accidental, but quickly became her devoted joy. All those previous skills acquired in other media such as ceramics, polymer clay, silk and glass painting dovetailed into the transition of working with metal clay.

Tracey is now the owner and Principal of Craftworx Jewellery Workshops. Her studio is part of an artists’ community that enjoys running joint activities such as open studio and summer school events bringing all seven artists together.

When she is not teaching at her own studio based at Cold Harbour Farm in East Yorkshire, Tracey travels far and wide across the country to teach at other venues as well. In addition she visits trade shows and exhibitions to demonstrate and promote her passion for metal clay.

Visit Tracey's website here

metal clay box

Tracey's work

Anna Campbells workAnna Campbells work
Anna Campbell's work

Anna Campbell MCSJ Dip. MC

As a child I always loved jewellery and would make bits and pieces out of whatever I had, I remember some very 'experimental' pieces made of wool! My thoughts first turned to jewellery making seriously when I visited Central St Martins on an Art trip with college. I couldn't believe that you could study jewellery as a degree! At that time I chose to study Psychology but the idea of learning how to make silver jewellery stayed at the back of my mind. I took a silversmithing course but didn't get the 'eureka' moment until I started working with silver clay. After that I was hooked! I took my Art Clay level 1 certificate and then followed the Metal Clay Diploma programme. I wanted to stretch myself and learn the best techniques. 

I take my inspiration from all around. I am particularly inspired at the moment by reflections, shadows and landscapes. I love whimiscal jewellery that communicates a little bit of your personality.

I have been a teacher of Psychology for over ten years and now I'm looking forward to teaching silver clay classes. 

Visit Anna's website here.

Jane Fisher Smith MCSJ Dip. MC

My name is Jane Fisher-Smith. I have a small studio in my home in Tavistock where I make a variety of jewellery from informal day wear to formal and bridal pieces. My work is made from a variety of media including sterling and fine silver, freshwater pearls, Swarovski crystal, precious and semi-precious stones and beads.

Creativity has been a part of my life since school and jewellery making has enabled me to carry on with that need to make things. Having now retired from a 33 year career in nursing I am now able to focus my time on making my hobby into a new career. Having taught nursing at both academic and clinical levels I have the necessary skills to support students of all levels.

Since being grabbed by the metal clay bug I have completed the MCSJ Diploma. Metal Clay has enabled me to expand my range of jewellery through its versatility as a media and I am excited to be a part of the MCSJ Home Study Diploma Programme.

Visit Jane's website here

Jane's work

Some examples of Jane's work

Vangelis Arapellis Necklace

An example of Vangelis's work

Vangelis Arapellis MCSJ Dip. MC

Vangelis has been involved in the fine arts since childhood. He loves art. He has created many paintings, sculpture and jewellery made out of simple and earthy materials like stone, metals, clay etc.  A major station in his life was the discovery of Precious Metal Clay. He admired the endless possibilities this material has to offer. PMC is a material that can make anyone create incredible works of art with ease and most importantly with the use of simple tools. His decision to acquire knowledge for this material led him to the best training school in Europe, the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery. Armed with imagination and inexhaustible appetite for making works of art, he has made metal clay creations and teaching a major life purpose.

Visit Vangelis's website here

Sarah Warden-Smith MCSJ Dip. MC

I have come to realise that I have been a creative person for most of my life, from a young age, beginning with painting and pottery, moving on the pastel drawings, knitting, crochet and sewing. I only started making jewellery however in the last five years. Starting out with semi precious stones and silver wire I taught myself wireworking and also went on a silversmithing course. My husband and I started a silver finger print business about four years ago so I discovered and fell in love with metal clay. This led me on a voyage of discovery and learning that I have enjoyed immensely and still continues.

Working in the IT industry for the best part of twenty years, I have taught IT at a local college as well as running my own IT support company working with small to medium enterprises. I am now developing my career building on my teaching skills and experience and my love of jewellery making and have started teaching Metal Clay, Silversmithing and Wire Working classes under my business, Bezeal Jewellery Courses. I also make and sell jewellery at various events in Wales as well as undertaking commissions.

In recent years I became a voluntary director of Dragon Artists and Makers, a not for profit organisation that supports artisans in Wales. I am also a member of the Art Clay Guild, the PMC Guild and the Association for Contemporary Jewellery (Welsh Region).

Organic pendant with stones

Sue Bricknell's work

Some examples of Sue's work

Sue Bricknell MCSJ Dip. MC

Hi my name is Sue Bricknell and I have always had an interest in crafts - as a child I nagged my parents into buying me each week's copy of Golden Hands (hmm showing my age there). My hope before I left school was to go to John Cass college to study jewellery making and metalsmithing. Alas my grades weren't good enough so I spent the next couple of decades in secretarial and admin jobs. I kept my hand in by making brooches and earrings for myself out of air-dry clay, I also took up quilting and gained an RHS General Diploma in Gardening.

In 2009 I happened upon the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery website and from there I began their four grade Metal Clay Diploma programme which I successfully completed in October 2010. Since then I've also taken courses in silverwork, torch-fired enamelling and the dreaded soldering!  My next set of courses will be the Art Clay programme as well as bronze and copper clay so I can gain my Higher Diploma. 

I'm excited to be part of the MCSJ Support Programme and hope to meet other jewellery making enthusiasts at my workshops - let's all sparkle together.

I also run self-catering cottages here in beautiful north Devon ably abetted by my partner, Mike, and my lovely Rosie-dog.

Visit Sue's website here

Emma Gordon MCSJ Dip. MC

Emma has been running silver clay training workshops from her studio in Fife since 2007. She has been passionate about jewellery all her life and this passion shines through in her own designs and in her teaching. She teaches all levels of experience from beginner through to advanced, but particularly enjoys teaching beginners, because there’s something magical about seeing that person with their first fired piece of metal clay! She currently offers the widest variety of metal clay workshops in Scotland and is regularly invited to teach at workshops in the Bead Shop Scotland and The Bead Company, Glasgow. Emma believes that everyone can create, but sometimes it needs some encouragement to emerge. Her style of training ensures a fun, enjoyable day learning metal clay in a supportive and collaborative environment; Emma believes that’s the only way to learn!

Emma is the Communications Director with the Metal Clay Academy and writes the newsletter which regularly features the best known names in the Metal Clay community. She has also written various projects for national jewellery making magazines including Making Jewellery, Creative Beads and Jewellery and Bead Trends.

She shows her work at the Scottish Arts, Crafts and Design Centre and was invited to showcase her work at the Scottish Parliament as a result of winning the Jewellery Designer of the Year by Creative Fife.

Visit Emma's website here.

Emmas work

Some examples of Emma's work

Lesley's work

An example of Lesley's work

Lesley Messam MCSJ Dip. MC

Lesley has been making Jewellery for over 15 years. Finally she decided to enrol in evening classes on silver smithing, from that point she was hooked and the obsession began. She took a six year certification in silver smithing and jewellery making at South Downs College which she passed with flying colours.

Whilst taking the certification she discovered metal clay. This was new and very exciting and another obsession began. She took class after class and finally became a senior Art Clay Instructor.

She is also a travelling teacher and has enjoyed teaching at Towcester for Flame Off, as well as enjoying writing for Bead, Beads & Beyond, Making Jewellery magazine and Metal Clay Artist magazine and Fired in the USA. Her most recent achievements are being published in three books, Chains Chains Chains, New Directions and the PMC Annual 2011.

Lesley is still striving to be the best she can possibly be in her field and has recently achieved Masters Registry level IV whilst still working towards her level V.

Visit Lesley's website here

Rose Bourke MCSJ Dip. MC

Creativity has always been a part of my life in some shape or form. I originally trained in Interior Design and hold a Rhodec Diploma. I have a keen interest in painting (particularly texture and mixed media). 

I originally started making jewellery some years ago initially working with silver, wire and polymer clay. I became fascinated by Metal Clay, in particular the flexibility and freedom to design and make ‘wearable art’. I immediately set out to source the most professional course I could find and my search led me to the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery. 

My first class was a complete ‘wow factor’ and I was immediately ‘hooked’ on Metal Clay; in particular the creative possibilities available which allowed me to incorporate my love of mixed media i.e. use of textures,  incorporating polymer clay, enameling, construction and form to name a few.  

I have recently started experimenting with Bronze and Copper Clay which opens up another new dimension to the ever changing world of metal clay.

Visit Rose's website here

Rose's work

Some examples of Rose's work

Carol's work

Some examples of Carol's work

Carol Walkinshaw MCSJ Dip. MC

Hi, my name is Carol Walkinshaw. I started making jewellery a few years ago after discovering silver metal clay. After attending a couple of introductory classes in metal clay I knew I wanted to gain the most comprehensive training available and chose to attend Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery (MCSJ).

I gained the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma with the Level 4 Teaching Module option and am awaiting the evaluation of my project for the Level 4 Design and Construction Module. As a personal challenge, and to ensure my skills are constantly expanding, I joined the Metal Clay Masters Registry and am looking to attain Level 1 in the not too distant future! I am also a member of Art Clay UK and the PMC Guild.

I enjoy being creative but even more than that; I really enjoy teaching and guiding others towards the sheer delight of being able to say: “I made that!” 

So, the decision was made! I would run classes and workshops to pass on the skill, experience and joy of creating metal clay jewellery. Metal Clay Scotland has two key objectives: to encourage and support you in the Home Study Programme and, to ensure that you have fun along the way!

Visit Carol's website here

Helen Foster-Turner MCSJ Dip. MC

Since I can remember, I have made things, drawn things, crafted things and painted things and this creative element has always been an important part of my life.

I have been making jewellery for several years but always found that I needed or wanted a particular bead or shape to go with my work. It was then that I found out about silver clay. I began with a starter kit and six weeks later I was attending a masterclass in Corfe Castle with Gordon Uyehara and created a bracelet which I wear almost daily.

I developed the silver clay habit and having created the bracelet, I was itching to do more but apart from a few pieces at home unfortunately circumstances last year prevented it. However, I looked around at the available qualification options and decided on two. One was the all important and internationally recognised Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery Metal Clay Diploma which gave me a broad range of skills, including traditional silversmithing, that would raise my competence and ensure that I could deliver the best training available to my students. The other courses were Art Clay Levels 1 and 2.

With my professional experience of teaching, learning and mentoring gained over many years, I really wanted to be able to share this amazing substance so providing courses and support was what I wanted to do. I also felt then, and still do, that if you are going to teach people then you really want to make sure that that the students that come to you are delighted with their own creations and able to get consistently good results.

Such was my level of commitment to the silver clay cause that I commissioned a purpose built studio in late Spring which was completed, fully equipped and operational by May this year, 2011. It is designed to comfortably take up to four students in a bright, garden set environment. Private tuition is also available.    

I look forward to helping to create more silver clay enthusiasts in the near future. Whether you are just starting out or looking to further your skill level, I am looking forward to meeting and hopefully working with you.

Visit Helen's website here.

Helen's work

Some examples of Helen's work

Sulie's work

Some examples of Sulie's work

Sulie Girardi MCSJ Dip. MC

I was born in Chicago, USA, but have spent the majority of my adult life in Vienna, Austria.

Crafts have long been a passion for me, and five years ago I founded my business, "Vienna Impressions", which has grown to become Austria's largest source for rubber art stamps and other art supplies.

In 2009 I was invited by Tim Holtz to attend the prestigious "Ranger University“, thus becoming the only Certified Ranger Educator in Austria. As a member of the Design Team for Austria's only craft-related publication, "Die Scrapperin“, both my work and words appear frequently in print.

As an experienced tutor of stamping techniques, metal embossing and  soldering, I hold frequent workshops on these topics throughout Austria and Germany. I keep abreast of new crafting trends and techniques by attending trade shows and by participating in classes and workshops in Europe and America.

While attending an event in 2010 I discovered metal clay, and it has taken me down a fascinating and fulfilling creative path. Although I am still rather new to the medium, I find the challenges and possibilities offered by metal clay to be irresistable. To me it represents an infinite creative journey, and opens new possibilities for the creation of beautiful and individual wearable art.

With the founding of "Vienna Expressions Studio“ I aim to introduce other artists to this medium, which is still barely known within Austria's creative community. 

Visit Sulie's website here

Dawn Shackley HDMC

I have always loved beads and jewellery, and first started making jewellery when I was a child. I began lampworking around 5 years ago, with a beginner course with Ray Skene. I have since done lampwork courses with Dora Schubert on enamels and foils, and a course on sandblasting and surface techniques with Julie-Ann Denton.

I began playing with silver metal clay at about the same time I began lampworking. After parting company with the computer industry in 2010, I had the opportunity to re-train, and took the Diploma course at Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery - and have not looked back! I love the possibilities of combining glass and silver, and enjoy experimenting with different materials to make jewellery.

I teach classes in lampworking and metal clay in my studio on the edge of the beautiful Gower peninsula in South Wales.

Visit Dawn's website here

Dawn's Work Dawn's work

Some examples of Dawn's work

Lily Pendant

Spider ring Bobbin

Some examples of Chu-mei's work

Chu-mei Ho HDMC

I have always enjoyed making things, from general crafting, sewing, crochet or just gluing bits and bobs together. A couple of years ago, while looking to learn more jewellery making techniques, I discovered the magic of metal clay which is truly a fantastic media to work with. Most of my training has been at Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery and London Jewellery School with various British metal clay artists.

I love the shabby chic style, cute Japanese accessories and am very fond of Goth inspired art. I also take inspiration from anything around me and sometimes I find the best designs come through trial and error, which often leads to something quite unique and different.

After being a “regular” at London Jewellery School, the school director, Jessica Rose, asked me to be part of the team. Now I’m teaching metal clay and other jewellery making classes while continuing to work on my own creations. I’m grateful for each and every opportunity I have been given and thank all my fantastic teachers, who have been very generous passing on their knowledge and tips in working with metal clay.

Visit Chu-mei's website here

Sharon Burton HDMC

I first found out about PMC in 2006 and instantly fell in love with it. After experimenting at home for a while, I did several courses at MCSJ and haven't looked back.

I'm a marine engineer by trade so find the way you can construct metal clay fascinating and full of endless possibilities. My biggest problem is finding the time to 'play' but once settled at my workbench I'm lost in what I'm doing.

I've just signed up for the Metal Clay Masters Registry so that achieving the first level is my next challenge. I don't have a website at the moment but watch this space.

Sharon's workSharon's work

Sharon's work Sharon's work

Some examples of Sharon's work

Hilary Stacey MCSJ Dip MC

I first heard about PMC at a local silversmithing class and I was desperate to know more.  I looked on the internet and decided to take a beginners course at MCSJ, one course soon turned into four and I passed my diploma in August 2010.  Since then I have been spending as much time as possible, exploring and experimenting, with textures, patinas and constructing hollow forms, the opportunities seem to be limitless.

I am in the process of setting up Etsy and Folksy accounts to sell my jewellery and am hoping to start teaching beginners very soon, I can't wait to show people this amazing clay and the fun and amazing results you can get from it.

pendant Bead


Some Examples of Hilary's work

Joanna MasonJoanna Mason
Joanna Mason
Joanna MasonJoanna Mason

Joanna Mason MCSJ Dip. PMC

Joanna Mason is a jewellery artist and designer working out of Harpenden, Hertfordshire. She has been making and designing jewellery professionally for around 5 years.

Joanna works with a mixed media of different materials ranging from silver and gold to plastics, resins and found objects. Joanna runs an arts and craft company; The Albion Arts.  

The Albion Arts runs a comprehensive programme of workshops for adults, from beginners to the more experienced artist. Joanna aims to awaken the inbuilt creativity which we all possess, endeavouring to improve mental, physical and emotional wellbeing through the creative process.

The Albion Arts strives to revive and keep alive art and craft skills by encouraging artists and crafts people to pass on these skills.

The Albion Arts is driven through the organisation of workshops, and through the collaboration of designers, artists and makers within the community.

Visit Joanna Mason's website

Pat Sharma MCSJ Dip. PMC

I am Pat Sharma, founder of Croydon Jewellery School and PMC tutor. I completed my Diploma in PMC on 30th August 2009 from the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery.

After completing my City Guilds level 2 in design, craft and Silversmithing, I found that there were a lack of local silver jewellery making classes. This inspired me to seek expertise in Precious Metal Clay.

Studying PMC to Diploma level meant long travels to Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery in order to learn PMC techniques and how to make jewellery from this amazing product to very high standards.

I wanted to make it possible for local people in Croydon and surrounding areas an opportunity to learn to use PMC and to enjoy making unique silver jewellery.

Visit Pat Sharma's website here.

Pat Sharma's work

Some examples of Pat's work

Sarah Jane's work

Some examples of Sarah Jane's work

Sarah Jane Whittaker MCSJ Dip. PMC, Art Clay Level 1 instructor

An experienced teacher, Sarah Jane trained in both traditional silversmithing skills and in jewellery design in the 1990’s, before discovering the creative freedoms offered by precious metal clay. Sarah Jane is passionate about helping others find and express their own creative voice, and this informs her teaching style, which is friendly, fun and empowering. .

Sarah Jane’s own work often features bird and egg motifs (birds symbolise physical freedom, of course, but she's still working out why eggs appeal to her).

Sarah Jane writes about jewellery matters for trade and leisure magazines, including Making Jewellery magazine and Findings (the journal of the Association of Contemporary Jewellers). Her work has been shown as part of the Brighton Festival and has been featured in glossy Sussex Life magazine.

Sarah Jane works and teaches from her mews-based studio at the Sussex Jewellery School in Eastbourne, East Sussex, and sells work via local galleries, her own website and at artists’ open house exhibitions throughout East Sussex.

Louise Brownhill MCSJ Dip. PMC

Louise Brownhill has attended many classes at the MCSJ including stone setting, silverwork week and has completed the diploma in PMC. Louise designs and creates beautiful pieces of jewellery from her home workshop in Totnes, Devon. Louise has trained in crystal healing and shamanic studies, these are some inspirations for her creations including nature and the natural world. She is well known for creating her pieces with knowledge of the metaphysical qualities of the stones and materials she uses. Louise now runs courses and workshops in PMC Precious Metal Clay at the Sparc centre in Dartington, near Totnes, South Devon.

Visit Louise Brownhill's website

Louise's work Louise's work

Some examples of Louise's work

Di Osman's work

Some examples of Di's work

Di Osman MCSJ Dip. PMC

I have been making and selling jewellery on and off for several years, I found MCSJ and came for a silversmithing weekend to give findings on my jewellery a more professional and personal look. While I was there, like alot of others, I found out about PMC and thought it sounded fantastic, even for beginners!  I enrolled on the courses last year and I have just completed this diploma, which I really enjoyed. I am amazed of the things you can achieve with it. I love looking for textures to use and I am always on the hunt for them! I hope to learn about bronz clay next.  I am now offering beginners PMC workshops at my home in Wembworthy. I have nearly finished my website so please look out for it soon.

Alison McIlkenny MCSJ Dip.PMC

I got my first bead kit about two years ago, I soon became a self-confessed bead addict. I became interested in making my own lampwork beads, unfortunately there were no classes available in Northern Ireland.
I decided to enroll on a basic silversmithing class at my local college. I became hooked at the prospect of designing and creating my own silver jewellery. During my class I heard the words 'Metal Clay' spoken, I decided to dig deeper and find out more.
I was amazed when I learnt about the quickness and ease of use when working with PMC. I enrolled on the 10 day intensive course in August 2008, I had a fantastic time learning all about this new fangled material.  I will never forget all the colourful characters I met during my course! I have sold PMC jewellery through local art and design fairs and by word of mouth. I have completed a small business course and plan to have a website up and running in the near future, promoting workshops and selling jewellery on-line.

Alison McIlkenny's workAlison McIlkenny's work

Some examples of Alison's work

Samantha Berman

Samantha Berman MCSJ Dip. PMC

I first started working with PMC in early 2007 and have been totally mesmerised ever since.  It is an amazing product and I hold the belief that you learn new things all the time.  With a total need to learn much much more, I took the decision to enrol at the MCSJ and have recently gained my Diploma in PMC Proficiency.

This has been a huge personal achievement for me and I am now itching to get started with the teaching side of my business. Myself and my partner (who is a silversmith) have an e-commerce website and we regularly exhibit at various craft fairs.  We are now in the process of going into the second phase of our business, namely running PMC workshops.  Our workshop website is now up and running alongside our buy online jewellery website.

I am now avidly planning my PMC workshops in the Hertfordshire area and can be contacted through my website for further information. I am also a member of the PMC Guild.

Visit Samantha Berman's website

Samantha Berman

Some examples of Samantha's work

Jessica Rose (formerly van Zanten) MCSJ Dip. PMC

Jessica Rose is a south London based jeweller who specalises in working with Precious Metal Clay. She first came across this magical material when working in a silversmiths class and has been addicted to it ever since.

After successfully completing a Diploma in PMC at the Mid-Cornwall School of Jewellery, Jessica now sells her work at local outlets, craft fairs and to private clients and has also begun teaching classes locally to help spread the word of Precious Metal Clay.

Visit Jessica Rose's website

Jessica Van Zanten's work
Jessica Van Zantens work

Some examples of Jessica's work

Helen Stone's students work

Helen's students work

Helen Stone MCSJ Dip. PMC

I first started experimenting with PMC in 2006 and soon found that I enjoyed it so much that I booked a place at MCSJ School to enrich my knowledge.  I was fascinated and couldn’t wait to get started, creating all those designs that kept me awake in the small hours.  After about 12 months I then realised that to take my enjoyment further and be able to pass this information to others I needed a qualification that allowed me to become a teacher.

After completing the diploma in PMC  in 2007 it changed the way I worked.  I felt that now was the time to become a teacher in something that I enjoyed enormously and wished to pass on to others who liked working with their hands.  I have had many hours of fun and enjoyment both working on my own projects and also helping others to complete theirs. 

The picture shows some of the work completed by my students since taking my diploma.  I hope you enjoy PMC as much as I do and if you want to contact me you can phone me on 01736 874455 or visit my website

Jeanette Tenwick MCSJ Dip. PMC

Jeanette's love of jewellery making was instilled in her, like most people, as a young child when she was given a broken necklace by her Grandmother so she could play with loose beads. That was the point when her interest in the subject truly began. After gaining skills through practice, she began to sell her handmade pieces of jewellery to class mates at school and then at college.

Now, with an Art and Design GNVQ, three years crystal healing and repeated trips to the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery her love for jewellery making has grown bigger than ever.

Jeanette's work is a mixture of bead work, chainmail, silver smithing, glass work and work with PMC.

Jeanette's workJeanette's work

Some examples of Jeanette's work

Linda's workLinda's work

Linda Paris MCSJ Dip. PMC

After working as a sculptor and ceramicist for some
time, I trained in Jewellery and Silversmithing at
Truro College. I first learned to use PMC at MCSJ and
qualified as an instructor in February 2007. After
nearly four years I am still exploring the
possibilities of PMC and I enjoy passing on what I
have learned and peoples reaction when grey stuff
turns into fine silver and then lovely jewellery.

Janet Richardson MCSJ Dip. PMC

Janet Richardson has been making and teaching jewellery for over 30 years. She had her own business making and teaching jewellery in London and this has now moved out to Berkshire.

Always looking to increase her knowledge and stay up to date she completed the Diploma in PMC at MCSJ early in 2008.

The Diploma at MCSJ has given her an extra string to her bow and along with the other classes she offers, she now includes classes in PMC.

Alongside teaching Janet has been making her own designs and selling in the UK and abroad.  Some of her ranges are sculptural and working with PMC is a valuable addition to her already extensive metalworking skills.

'PMC is one of the few new recent developments in metalworking techniques and should be taken seriously.  Many things can be achieved with this wonderful material.   It is not a replacement, but an addition to your jewellery making skills.'

Visit Janet Richardson's website  

Janet's work
Janet's work
Some examples of Janet's work
Sue Cotton's work

Sue Cotton's work

Sue Cotton MCSJ Dip. PMC

My first real introduction to jewellery making was at the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery. I had seen a PMC demo elsewhere and it intrigued me to see the almost magical process of turning clay into a beautiful piece of silver. Not being trained in any form of traditional silversmithing methods, it seemed that this media opened enormous possibilities to me. I searched the internet and came across the website for MCSJ, booked the intensive diploma course and spent a fantastic nine days in Cornwall. My tutors for the week were very helpful and brilliant teachers.

At the moment my artistic outlet lies in drawing and painting – primarily equine and animal and predominantly pencil work. I am striving to translate this into PMC as an extension of my creativity and to stretch myself artistically.

I'm continuing to explore and experiment with PMC and perhaps add colour to my work in the form of enamelling.

Visit Sue Cotton's website

Some examples of Sue's work

Corrina Smith MCSJ Dip. PMC

I started making jewellery about three years ago when I attended a metalsmithing course at my local university. I soon became addicted and I desperately wanted to continue exploring and playing with metal. I soon realised that although I could create many wonderful things from my workshop at home, I needed to find a creative outlet that was not so messy or potentially dangerous. Then I discovered PMC and the MCSJ. I booked myself on a course knowing that I would not be disappointed! I had heard some great reviews!

Since passing my diploma I’ve been exploring methods of piercing and texturing using my own designs taken from personal photos. I love Keum Boo and making hollow forms but piercing is my favourite medium at the moment.

Visit Corrina Smith's website

Corrina Smith's work Corrina Smith's work

Corrina Smith's work

Some examples of Corinna's work

Sara Cardina's work Sara Cardina's work

Some examples of Sara's work

Sara Maria da Costa Cardina MCSJ Dip. PMC

My name is Sara Maria da Costa Cardina and I live in Caldas da Rainha in Portugal. I found out about PMC and through Angela Baduel-Crispin I found out about the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery, a very well accredited school in Cornwall. I got in touch with the school and completed my certificates in PMC in January 2008.

If you want to have training in PMC I strongly recommend the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery. I also want to say that I stayed at Emms Cottage in Par, where Pam and Victor Dormand treated me like a daughter. My colleagues that joined me in the same course were very nice people. To everyone that helped me a big thank you.

Visit Sara Cardina's website

Leila Godden MCSJ Dip. PMC

Since I first touched PMC, I have been hooked. After passing the PMC Diploma at MCSJ in July 2007, I have been working on a range of jewellery which is for sale through a small number of galleries.

I’m really enjoying experimenting with PMC in various ways, including applying it with a brush to create an effect like a cascade of water. As I also paint, this was a natural progression for me.

One of the many joys of this exciting and versatile medium is that it is easy for a complete beginner to create something of beauty, without the need for a lot of expensive equipment. With experience and understanding, the possibilities are endless.

I am also a member of the PMC Guild.

Visit Leila Godden's website

Leila Godden's Work

Leila Godden's work

Some examples of Leila's work

Helga van Leipsig MCSJ Dip. PMC

Helga lives and works in The Netherlands.

Helga's jewellery education started at the Academy of Arts in Maastricht, The Netherlands. So before she came across Precious Metal Clay in 2005 she was already a traditional silversmith. Captivated by PMC because of its incredible moldable quality she immediately started to work and experiment with it on her own. In a urge to know everything about it, she gained the PMC Diploma at the MCSJ in 2007.

She is still astonished by this fascinating material and keeps on exploring it, creating jewellery which is sold via her website and a few galleries. She also shares her knowledge by teaching PMC workshops in the south of Holland. She is a member of the PMC guild.

Visit Helga van Leipsig's website

Helga's rings
Some examples of Helga's work

Susan Diana Wilson's work

Some examples of Susan's work

Susan Diana Wilson MCSJ Dip. MC

After getting my MCSJ Diploma and learning alot about metal clay, I started my new buisness here in Germany. Ever since then I have given many metal clay courses, met wunderful and encouriging people, always fasinated learning about metal clays, which helps me also learning more each day!

Visit Susan Diana Wilson's website here

Pat's work

An example of Pat's work

Pat Waddington HDMC

Pat Charles MCSJ Dip. MC

Clare Charman MCSJ Dip. MC

Delphine His MCSJ Dip. MC

Max Hiley MCSJ Dip. MC

Linda Rowlands MCSJ Dip. MC

Sally Pepper MCSJ Dip. PMC

Jan Prince MCSJ Dip. PMC

Jackie Langley MCSJ Dip. PMC

Kay Willisson MCSJ Dip. PMC

Kerry Morse MCSJ Dip. PMC

Angela Porritt MCSJ Dip. PMC

Jackie Carr MCSJ Dip. PMC

Karen Craig MCSJ Dip. PMC

Ann Philps MCSJ Dip. PMC

Kay Steward MCSJ Dip. PMC

Tracey Godfrey MCSJ Dip. PMC

Amanda Baptiste MCSJ Dip. PMC

Dez Davis MCSJ Dip. PMC

Amber Ravenscroft MCSJ Dip. PMC

Karen Richards MCSJ Dip. PMC

Monica Weber-Butler MCSJ Dip. PMC

Deb Jarvis MCSJ Dip. PMC

Wendy Whetstone MCSJ Dip. PMC

Ciel Ruffle-Brandt MCSJ Dip. PMC

Sharon Sullivan MCSJ Dip. PMC

Denya Dessena MCSJ Dip. MC

Jo Dix MCSJ Dip. MC

Mandy Carr MCSJ Dip. MC

Asako Ishikawa MCSJ Dip. MC

Catherine Farnon MCSJ Dip. MC

Emma Beszant MCSJ Dip. MC

Kiri Wedlock MCSJ Dip. MC

See Kiri's website here

Patricia Zuluaga MCSJ Dip. MC

Aaron Coomber MCSJ Dip. MC

Susanne Major MCSJ Dip. MC

Therese Willams MCSJ Dip. MC

Susie Chandler-Davis MCSJ Dip. MC

Laura Buxton MCSJ Dip. MC

Julie Halliday MCSJ Dip. MC

Ethel Stewart MCSJ Dip. MC

Leslie Watson MCSJ Dip. MC

Amy Mason MCSJ Dip. MC

Caron Nosek MCSJ Dip. MC

Shirley Hallett MCSJ Dip. MC

Yvonne Oates MCSJ Dip. MC

Kathleen Conaghan MCSJ Dip. MC

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