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Student Comments for Private Tuition

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Just a note to say thank you for the engraving class last week with Cliff. I’ve just got back to work today and am really pleased I decided to have a go at something I've been thinking about for a long time. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Cliff and have someone very knowledgeable and patient to show me the art of hand engraving. I made a start today on purchasing the various tools / books I will need to continue learning and practising and feel it will help me in my business greatly. I was very touched that Cliff made me various tools to take away and start, I certainly feel I’ve found something that will become a hobby as well as a tool for my trade. I cannot thank Cliff enough.

I will definitely be continuing this for years to come, it was a great start to my quest! I would highly recommend your school it was a lovely place to visit and was so well equipped. I really think the one to one class was perfect for me . I’ll be in touch with Cliff very soon as I'm sure I’m going to need plenty of hints and tips to continue, and I will be in touch regarding a return visit next year.
Thank you both once again.

Gerard Dwyer
October 2012

There are a two really great things about the private tuition at MCSJ: Number 1 - you get to do what you want to do in your own time, in my case 3 days covering glass-working, making my own textures, silver-smithing skills and metalwork.

Number 2 - you get an instructor all to yourself, mine was Julia Rai. We had e-mailed back and forwards before the sessions started so that Julia knew the areas I wanted to look at with some wiggle room for experimenting. This also meant that all of the equipment and materials were ready and waiting, and Julia provided me with notes for each subject area. We talked over what I wanted to achieve and Julia used her expertise to answer all of my questions and show me the basics, before letting me "play".

The workshop at MCSJ is well equipped and I think over the 3 days I used just about everything. I had decided to do private tuition because I couldn't make the dates for a couple of the courses that were running and it was a great experience, one that I would happily repeat and would definitely recommend. The one-to-one approach is great when you have something specific you want to cover or even refresh, and it's a great way to immerse yourself in the subject.

Sharon Burton
June 2011

Boosts confidence, flexible to needs. Lots of encouragement and expertise to motivate and solve problems.

Kim Bishop
May 2011

I decided to book a one to one tuition with Lisa as I had specific requirements for my silver clay training. Although there were other relevant classes I felt that amalgamating elements of the different classes into a bespoke day session would be far more productive. I was able to discuss exactly what I needed to learn with Lisa prior to the tuition which enabled her to tailor the entire session.

Although it was an intensive day I learnt an incredible amount. Lisa was able to offer flexibility due to it being a one to one, which meant I could learn at my own pace without having to worry about others. Not only did Lisa structure the session to my requirements but she was also able to give me specific ideas and thoughts on the direction of my designs and business.

The tuition went above and beyond my expectations in every aspect and I was brimming with new ideas by the end of the day. Not only was it constructive and tailored but it was also really good fun. I went straight from the classroom to designing my own jewellery. I would highly recommend a one to one tuition day. Thanks Lisa.

Sonrisa Hipkins

More than helpful to get you up and running with PMC.

February 2008

Back in la Belle south west France!  Telling everyone about your jewellery school.  Thanks again I had a brilliant time.  Having been a teacher for many years in my dim and distant past life I have been on g'squilliions of courses and I can honestly say that your course was the best - I don't mean to be sychophantic but I was very impressed!

Suzie Blackman
April 2008

I opted for a private class with Lisa as I was unable to go on the scheduled Design and Construction Grade 4 Course. It was a great day. Not only did we go into all aspects of design and construction but I was also given a refresher course into various techniques  and I left bursting with ideas.

Pat Charles
November 2011

Glass is a really exciting material to work with. I've learnt so much about its characteristics in such a short space of time and the design possibilities are endless. It was like being a child in a sweet shop with all the yummy colours to choose from. I came away very inspired and was sad the course had ended!

Wendy Williams
April 2011

The private instruction I received at the Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery exceeded my expectations! The beautiful setting of Treesmill Farm was like a muse to my creativity. I hope to return next year for additional classes.

Kathleen Skinner
September 2010

I opted for a private class as I was struggling to fit in with any of the set dates however I definitely feel that this was a great option. During my days course I tried more techniques, made more pieces and learned more than I could have possibly imagined. All of the techniques I learned with the clay are things that I have been able to re create at home. The fact that Lisa was also making the same pieces that I was gave me the opportunity to watch first which was invaluable. I'm saving up for another course now!

Linzi Hall

As a professional jeweller these two days have pushed me far and fast. It's been fun too.

February 2008


The jewellery school is based near St Austell in Cornwall, UK and all jewellery making classes run in our well equipped workshop.

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