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Pearl Threading Class

This is a one day class

In just one day you will learn the basics in threading, and several different methods of knotting and finishing off. The course is very 'hands-on' and you will be carefully guided in all aspects needed to ensure that you leave knowing what to do next. This will include information about materials, equipment, suppliers, as well as actual techniques.

You will be provided with some course notes and a list of useful addresses to take away with you. The one day class is not about achieving finished necklaces but is about practising various techniques. You will leave with the ability to continue using your new skills long after the course ends.

Your tutor will talk about the equipment needed and the various materials used in stringing. You will be shown how to transfer un-knotted beads quickly onto new thread via a nifty little trick which will save you a lot of time.

The first method of finishing ends off is the easiest and is suitable for cheaper necklaces and bracelets. This will get you accustomed to working with the pearls and thread. Then you will move on to using 'gimp' to finish the ends off, paying attention to achieving the correct tension and getting tidy results.

You will practice knotting techniques using a variety of tools including tweezers and needles. In this way you get to find out which method suits you best.

You will cover single and double knotting, addressing the problems involved with both methods. There will be time for trouble shooting specific problems for those of you already making jewellery.

Your tutor for this class will be Lisa Cain

Download a pdf file with the information on this page here

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This course will be useful for hobbyists and professionals with an interest in beaded jewellery making.


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