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Becoming an MCSJ Diploma Support Centre is the first step on the route to running the MCSJ Diploma in your own facility. It is only for people who are serious about teaching brand neutral metal clay classes. The application process is rigorous and will require you to prove to us that you have what it takes to deliver high quality metal clay training under the MCSJ brand name. We protect our brand and its reputation and will only work with people we know and trust who have the same high standards as we do.

There is an annual financial commitment if you are granted a licence to become a Diploma Support Centre. After six months of successfully operating as a Support Centre, you will be eligible to apply for our Diploma Delivery Centre programme. More information about this will be provided to successful applicants.

We are looking for people with the following qualities, facilities and standards to join our world-wide team:-

You must hold or be working towards the MCSJ Silver Metal Clay Diploma. Our Support Centre staff must have attended MCSJ in Cornwall to study for the Diploma. Students who have studied through the Home Study Course are not eligible.

You need to have your own website with a page containing information about the MCSJ Diploma.

We expect our Support Centres to be running these things as a minimum:-

  • Kiln firing service – drop in or post in service.
  • Critique sessions for students pieces before they send them in for evaluation.
  • Open workshop days for students to use the tools and equipment necessary to complete the projects
  • General local support and advice

We expect you to run well-structured and planned classes delivered with integrity and respect for all students.

You need to demonstrate high standards of teaching practice in line with what you have experienced and been taught at MCSJ. You will be required to sign up to our Code of Practice and follow its principles closely.

You need to have a well-equipped teaching area with the right tools for the job. This should include facilities for silver working as well as metal clay work. The kinds of things we expect are:-

  • A bench peg which can be attached to a table or jewellers bench
  • A torch suitable for firing metal clay and also for soldering when we get to the Grade 2 and 3 Courses
  • Pickling equipment for cleaning up sterling silver work.
  • Safety glasses/goggles
  • A tumble polisher
  • A kiln
  • Silver working tools – cutters, a selection of pliers, tweezers and heat proof tiles/firing bricks.

This can be your own facility or at a suitable local venue.

You must have public liability insurance (we will need a copy of this for our records), risk assessments and all necessary safety equipment ensuring a safe teaching environment.

You need to have a clear cancellation policy for your classes.

There must be no hidden costs in your classes. Students should be made fully aware from the outset exactly what is included in the price of the class.

We expect you to act with honesty and integrity at all times and support students to make project pieces to our standards, not make those pieces for them.

We expect you to keep up to date with developments in metal clay across all brands and we expect you to be an active member of the worldwide metal clay community.

We expect you to support the other Support Centres in our programme as necessary. A positive attitude to other Support Centres is required.

We expect that you will positively promote MCSJ as a training establishment and the MCSJ Diploma curriculum at all times. You will be an MCSJ partner so we expect you to support us in every way. And we’ll do the same for you.

If you are a school with several metal clay teachers, anyone teaching MCSJ Diploma support classes MUST have passed the Diploma and been granted a licence before advising or teaching MCSJ Diploma students.

If we receive a complaint about you or your training, we expect you to fully co-operate with any investigation and work with us to resolve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction.


Interested and think you have what it takes? Then email us for an information pack.


Successfully completing the Diploma, fulfilling the Support Centre criteria above, applying to become a Support Centre and going through the application process doesn't guarantee you will be accepted into the Programme. The decision of the MCSJ directors is final.



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