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Q. Will the Diploma in Silver Metal Clay Proficiency allow me to get a discount when purchasing clay?

A. Ours is an independent qualification, which is not linked to suppliers or discounts. Our course focuses on the quality of your work; not financial incentives. However, there are a few suppliers who will offer a discount to our customers and we can provide you with a list of these during your class.

Q. Will this course teach me about PMC and Art Clay?

A. Our projects use the various types of silver metal clay (lump clay, syringe, sheet), both PMC and Art Clay. We don’t mind which brand you use because our classes focus on quality and craftsmanship.

Q. Do I have to pass all four Grades to get my Diploma?

A. Yes, the Diploma consists of four separate Grades. Remember that each of the four Grades stands alone as a significant achievement and you will receive a Certificate of Competency for each grade. Some people decide they don’t want the whole Diploma and just attend various Grades to update their skills so they gain their certificates but not their Diploma.

Q. I want to study for the Diploma but I don’t want to teach classes; is there an option for me?

A. Yes. We have developed another option for the Grade 4 of the Diploma, which will focus on Design and Construction. During this two-day class you will learn about the principles and elements of design. With this information in mind you will construct an advanced project to your own design and take part in a group critique of each persons work. This class will suit students who want to progress to a higher level in their artistic and technical abilities. There will still be a written test of your silver clay knowledge on both Grade 4 classes.

Q. I have already completed my Diploma but I would like to gain an additional Grade 4 to learn more about design and construction. Can I do both of the Grade 4 classes?

A. Yes. If you have already completed your Diploma and fancy adding Design and Construction to your qualifications simply sign up for the Grade 4 Design and Construction on line. You will get an additional printed Grade 4 Certificate as well as a second printed Diploma in Silver Metal Clay Proficiency for your wall. Students currently in the process of studying for their Diploma have the opportunity to achieve one or both of the Grade 4 qualifications.

Q. I'd love to study the Diploma but I can't travel to Cornwall. Is there another way I can get the Diploma?

Yes! You can study the Diploma at home. Our Home Study Diploma Grade Courses include all the materials you need plus DVDs of how to make the projects and the skills needed to work effectively with metal clay. Find out all about the Home Study Diploma here. Grade 4 will be launched soon making the Diploma completely achievable by home study.

Q. How do I pass each Grade?

A. We have devised projects which will give you a broad understanding of working with metal clay and introduce you to a wide variety of techniques. Within each project you will have some design freedom. For instance everyone in class will make a pair of earrings but you have a wide choice about the size, shape and texture for your earrings. The assessment criteria are clearly laid out and given to you at the beginning of the class so you will know exactly what standards we are looking for when you are making each piece. During each Grade you will take home at least half a dozen finished silver pieces. You can see examples of what you will be making during each class on our website.

Q. What happens if my Metal Clay projects don’t pass the assessment criteria during the class?

A. It often happens that a piece doesn’t work out quite right and at home you can simply recycle your silver clay and make the item again. However in the classroom situation we have a lot of work to get through so because of time constraints it isn’t always possible to remake the piece to a high enough standard on the day. Don’t worry though; these projects don’t fail (we don’t use the ‘F’ word!). Instead they are ‘Held Over’ for resubmission. You will be able to remake or adjust items in your own time at home and post them to us after the class. The teacher will explain why the item is “Held Over’ and offer suggestions for improvement. Once your resubmitted items reach the assessment criteria standards we will send you the relevant Certificate.

Q. Is there a time limit for resubmissions?

A. No, there is now an amnesty in place meaning you now have unlimited time to re-submit your work.  We recommend you resubmit work as soon as you can in order to maintain momentum and maximise your learning  experience.

Q. Is there a charge for resubmissions?

A. There is no charge for sending your work for assessment but you are responsible for the cost of posting your work to and from our offices each time you submit work WITH ADEQUATE INSURANCE COVERAGE.  We will take care to return your work in good condition but MCSJ ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS,  BREAKAGE OR NON-DELIVERY.  If you are outside the UK we will advise you of the return cost of your work and you can pay for return shipping (with adequate insurance) via PayPal.  In all cases, Please provide an envelope large enough for the return of your work, clearly addressed to yourself with every submission.

Q. Will the teacher show me what to do?

A. For each project the teacher will first show you an example of the type of finished piece you will make. The teacher will then give you a physical demonstration of how to make your project, pointing out the important features along the way. You will also be given written notes describing the project so you can take these home with you.

Q. Is all my Silver Clay included in the cost of the class?

A. The price of the class includes enough clay for all the projects you are expected to make but only if you don’t make large pieces. If you prefer to work large you will need to buy more clay. The teacher may have some supplies of extra silver clay for sale at the current retail price but we don't hold stock as a general rule. If you know you want to make larger pieces, please bring your own Silver Clay with you but do check with the teacher about the suitability of the clay before you begin.

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