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Faux Bone™ with Robert Dancik

This is a two day class.

With the high cost of silver and gold, adding new materials to your work makes good sense. Learn to work with this exciting new material Faux Bone™ from the creator himself Robert Dancik.

In this very hands-on workshop, we will explore Faux Bone™, a new, friendly and extremely versatile material.

Faux Bone™ can be cut, and carved, sawn and sanded. It can be filed, hammered, polished, drilled, stamped, inlayed, dyed, and painted.

It can look like ivory, have the patina of aged ceramic, or be polished to a pure white. You can heat and bend it with nothing more than a small embossing heat-gun.

Faux Bone Example


Faux Bone Example

It is so strong you can rivet on it, die form right into it, or hammer metal around it.

Faux Bone™ is perfect for artwork as varied as jewellery and book making, sculpture, or printmaking.

It can be easily embossed to make texture plates for PMC and basket makers can use it to simulate Scrimshaw on the tops of Nantucket Baskets.

In this workshop, we will explore these possibilities and more. Students can expect to leave with a number of examples and/or finished projects.

This affordable, friendly material will add a whole new dimension to your work.


Things to consider before booking these courses...

This course is suitable for beginners.

It will be particularly relevant to anyone undertaking the Metal Clay Master's Registry.

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