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Our email has been buzzing with orders, enquiries and thanks since we launched the MCSJ Home Study Diploma Course. Here are some of the comments we've been getting....

Thoroughly enjoying the challenges in this the first of the diploma series and would like to commend you and the school on the content of the notes and videos.  They are simple and easy to follow while being in depth enough to complete the required task.

The projects all being bagged separately was excellent. Very easy to organise. Great instructions, straight forward attitude making it less daunting. Helpful to see our teacher struggling a little bit then getting it right. Exact same thing happened to me and I resolved it! Animated diagram on DVD of how to set a stone was great. Very helpful. This course is superb!

I am thoroughly enjoying the course and am thrilled with my pieces, but wow, it’s a tense and nerve-racking business. I’m beginning to relax about it a bit now but at the beginning I had to keep reminding myself to breathe because I was concentrating so hard! Mind you, it is already difficult to remember why using the torch seemed so scary, not to mention the clay! Everything was brilliant. I have found the course deeply satisfying, but definitely harder than I'd expected!

This is a well planned and supported Home Study course. I have done home study before which has felt dated. This feels very up to date. Having the DVDs is like having a private tutor. The Diploma Support Centre is a great addition.

I’m one of the home study students and am really enjoying the course and learning how to do “stuff”. I tried this ages ago without any tuition and failed – but the course is really well put together and challenging in a positive way. So, thank you for that.

I am so excited that you are offering this course! I have been wanting to get certified and my first choice of programs is the one offered in your school. I live in the United States and have 5 children and leaving for the UK is not feasible for me at this time.

I've just signed up for your home study diploma.  I've received my box and started looking at the DVD. It looks fantastic - I've picked up a lot of tips already even though I've been to a class in PMC and have a couple of books - it's helped me realise where I've gone wrong a couple of times in the past.

Such a fantastic idea- really excited. I have a 14 month old baby now and have kept looking at your courses wondering when I am ever going to get down to you again so thank you!

The home study sounds very exciting as I have been wanting to do the diploma for a while now!

What a great idea to launch a home study option for the metal clay diploma. 

I am a subscriber to Making Jewellery magazine & I glanced through the article this morning and was too excited about the news that I just jumped into the web-site to look for information.

I have come across your ad for the home study diploma course in metal clay.  I am very interested as I have a nine month old baby and pregnant with number two but I have been trying to get something outside of the family to do for myself. 

I read about your home study diploma and am very interested in this. I think it is fantastic that this has now become a possibility as I have been looking for sometime with no luck so thank-you!

I have been working with metal clay for a year now but am completely self taught and would like to have a qualification for myself, as well as take further study in the future. Being a mum of 2 young children, this home study course looks perfect!



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