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Polishing and Finishing Class

This is a two day class.

If you attended our wax carving weekend, you may have raw castings that you want to work on. This will be an opportunity to fully explore getting good results on a variety of metals. Many 'tricks of the trade' will be covered including removing sprues and isolating textures. Some of the subjects studied will be:-

  • using burrs and rubber wheels with a pendant motor
  • the use of various polishing compounds and their effects on different metals as well as tumble polishing
  • how to make simple tools to solve surface imperfections and porosity problems

The class will be 'hands-on' throughout with plenty of demonstration and practice. Please bring your unfinished projects to this class to work on. There will be time for problem solving with questions and answers.







You will learn how to use a pendant drill and dremmel motor with rubber wheels, burrs and attachments. Your tutor will demonstrate how to remove sprues from castings and take the items up to a high quality finish.

You will explore texturing and isolating finishes, removing firescale and solving porosity problems. You will be shown how to make simple tools and customize existing tools for specific problems.

You will be given instruction on using the large polishing motor and the safety issues involved. Your tutor will explain the various wheels, brushes and polishing compounds used on this machine. You will also cover using polishing strings for hard to reach areas, hand polishing, removing unwanted scratches and file marks and more.

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This workshop is open to students of all levels including beginners.


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