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Silver Metal Clay for Fun!

This is a one day class.

Just for fun we've created an introduction to silver metal clay course for people who simply want to play with metal clay and are not yet ready to do the Diploma.

This one day course will introduce you to metal clay through some simple projects in a relaxed atmosphere. The emphasis will be on building confidence working with metal clay at your own pace and focusing on fun. You'll learn how to make a pendant, a shell charm or some earrings just to get you started. Once you've got a bit of confidence using metal clay, you can begin to really play and create your own designs.


metal clay beads


Leaf beads

The tutor will help you to create beautiful fine silver jewellery in whatever style you choose. All the equipment you need will be provided and you can buy a metal clay tool kit during the class if you want to continue creating as soon as you get home. By the end of the day you'll have enough knowledge and confidence to create unique pieces of jewellery using metal clay at your own kitchen table!

Simple pendants

This course is particularly suitable for people who need a bit more time to learn new things or who have limitations with manual dexterity. There is no pressure and the tutor will work with individuals at their own pace to ensure they achieve their goals for the day.

The course cost includes enough silver metal clay to create the basic projects. You can buy additional metal clay on the day or bring your own metal clay if you'd prefer.


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This course is suitable for all levels, especially beginners and those who need additional time to learn new things or who have limitations with manual dexterity.

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