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Student Comments for the Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 1, formerly Beginners PMC Diploma Course

Really enjoyable experience! Excellent tuition by a knowledgeable tutor. Can't wait to come back and do the next level!

Ellen Schrijver
August 2012

The class didn't just reinforce previous learning but also had clearer, simpler instructions and corrected some poor technique and learned opinions.

Leslie Watson
July 2012

I was a little nervous at first but Lisa made me feel completely at ease and I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Can't wait for the next one!

Julie Halliday
July 2012

The projects completed in the two days far outweighed my expectations!

Caron Nosek
March 2012

Enough equipment to go round, great teacher, knowledgable, spacious workshop, nice lounge for lunch. Well rounded, excellent, highly recommended.

Sylvia Jane Temple
March 2012

Brilliant, great tips on getting the best from the material and tools. I had been recommended this course by a traditional metalsmith and it still exceeded expectations!

January 2012

I'd done a one day metal clay class before now, however this class was more detailed than my previous course. A lot of useful things were taught such as reclaiming dry clay amongst other things.

September 2011

Fantastic course - I was amazed at how much I learnt in a weekend. Can't wait to come back for Grade 2.

May 2011

Excellent tuition, Julia demonstrated all tasks thoroughly and had excellent product knowledge. Julia gave excellent feedback that was constructive as well as positive.

Amanda Mellor
May 2011

Workload was challenging but achievable with Julia Rai's input.

Sarah Warden Smith
January 2011

Thorough and exactly what I'd hoped for. The tutor's depth of experience was evident.

Claudia Myatt
December 2010

A relaxed but challenging class with great ideas for beginners.

November 2010

Well worth the investment. As a beginner I felt I had achieved a huge amount.

Lesley Watt
September 2010

A great introduction to metal clay, incorporating all you need to know to get started.

October 2010

Fantastic weekend, good solid teaching, worth every penny.

Mandy Bauer
September 2010

I was a PMC virgin, and it was quite daunting being back in the classroom, but I was made to feel comfortable and encouraged enthusiastically to develop my skills. Outstanding.

Karen St James
July 2010

Great experience - I was absolutely submerged into the world of PMC.

Melinda Hudson
March 2010

A great experience - what magical stuff PMC is.

Kim Lyall
March 2010

Really enjoyed the classes, can't wait to do the rest.

Ashley Neate
November 2009

It doesn't matter what you think you already know - you'll still learn something new!

Lisa Smith
September 2009

I was amazed with how many pieces we came away with - and the number of skills we picked up.

September 2009

One of the most motivating learning environments that I've experienced, most encouraging.

August 2009

Excellent course/class, excellent tuition. I'd definitely come again and would recommend to anyone wanting to unravel the mysteries of Precious Metal Clay!

V McGregor
August 2009

You'll easily become addicted!

Erin Taylor
August 2009

Lovely friendly atmosphere, learnt so much with lots of items to take away.

June 2009

Great introduction to PMC.

Sian Hamilton
May 2009

I would recommend this course to anyone starting in PMC to get a grip with basic techniques and tools.

June Smalley
February 2009

I found the class warm and friendly, very motivating. The lessons were clear, the tutor repeated health and safety issues and gave us lots of help with the subjects that were covered. I will definitely return to Mid Cornwall School of Jewellery. Many thanks.

Sue Felton
November 2008

The day was fun, creative, informative, exciting, educational - just a brilliant day!

Suzie Blackman

A great course to start with and build from.

Sharon Burton

The best part of learning at MCSJ is learning from world experts in the field.

December 2008

Very methodical approach. 360 degree feedback encouraged and embraced.

Deb Jarvis
December 2008

Such a great foundation to working with PMC. Taught in a relaxed and fun way. Highly recommended.

Jessica van Zanten
March 2008

If you are a beginner, self taught or just a bit unsure about the whole PMC revolution this course is perfect, even if it covers bits and bobs that you know. It's worth it for the abundance of knowledge and 'top tips' you will learn.

Jeanette Tenwick
March 2008

Suitable for all levels of ability, from novice to professional. Lisa is able to bounce from basic skills to technical expertise with calm and enthusiasm.

Susie Trenary
February 2008

Excellent, great fun and so rewarding.

Dez Davis
January 2008

Hard work (and at times frustrating!) but very rewarding. Looking forward to level 2. The best part was realising that I was capable of learning new techniques in a short amount of time and achieving a higher standard in my work.

Elizabeth Perry
August 2012

Very worthwhile course, learnt loads!

Ethel Stewart
July 2012

The class is well paced with a good balance between demonstration and participation. Small class size ensures that instructor has plenty of time to work with each student.

Amy Mason
July 2012

The best part was to be able to create wearable jewellery in a short space of time and feel able to go away and do it at home.

Susan Sirrs
June 2012

As a complete beginner I was rather worried. However, instructions were clear and Lisa was incredibly helpful. The best part was getting good individual attention when needed. I will be back!

Annabel Faulkner
March 2012

The best part of this course was being able to discuss processes/problems/good things with others. Building on existing knowledge and being able to fine tune my work.

Carol Holtham
December 2011

A fantastic couple of days, an amazing teacher and I've met some wonderful people, thank you.

Nikki Brown
August 2011

After two days you come away with seven completed pieces which was so incredible and beyond my expectations as a novice.

Tansy Wilson
July 2011

Extremely well organised, challenging and enjoyable. Money well spent. I'll be back again.

Sandra Hopkins
March 2011

It was very hard work but it was totally worth it.

March 2011

I was surprised by how much I learnt and was able to put into practice.

Fiona Morris
December 2010

Great teaching, friendly atmosphere, a huge amount covered in a short time. Superbly equipped workshop.

Celia Jones
December 2010

Lots of lovely jewellery made in two days, very informative and full of tips and ideas.

Chu-mei Ho
November 2010

Really feel like I've achieved something and look forward to the next level.

Deb Pyne
September 2010

Being fortunate to avail of private tuition with Lisa, I cannot think of a more ideal initiation into metal clay.

Rose Bourke
August 2010

Fantastic course, loved every minute and learnt such a lot. Tutor was very knowledgeable. I made so much as a total beginner. The teaching notes of the pieces will help me later. Can't wait to start at home.

July 2010

The combined silversmithing skills with the clay tuition was excellent and many useful skills and tips are shown that you just could not pick up from any book.

Linda Rowlands
April 2010

Exciting and enjoyable weekend - more please!

Sue Melling
March 2010

Fantastic weekend! Can't wait for Grade 2.

Lucy Hudson
March 2010

Very enjoyable, unpressured, clear and friendly advice.

Linda Brookes
November 2009

This course gives you a sound knowledge and skills in using PMC with a variety of techniques.

Amanda Crago
September 2009

Far more than what I expected, very professional.

Nina Leung
September 2009

As a beginner I found it fun and informative!

Lola Westwood
September 2009

Be prepared for addiction - you'll definitely be hooked.

Isi Carter
August 2009

Fantastic intro - will definitely be having a go at home.

Susanne Grice
August 2009

Learnt a lot in a short space of time and cannot wait to put it into practice.

Kate Tustin
June 2009

Fantastic - exceeded all my expectations. Very well structured. Has given me the confidence, knowledge and skill to start teaching at a basic level and start my business.

Pat Sharma
May 2009

Brilliant introduction - very informative. I fee I have enough knowledge now to start creating some masterpieces of my own. The best part of this experience was getting the finished pieces at the end. Seeing how far you can come in just two days!

Debbie Lees
May 2009

Nice size classes - all friendly and helpful/supportive to each other and learn from each other.

Wendy Whetstone
December 2008

I had a wonderful weekend, the class was very well structured, I learnt lots and felt a huge sense of achievement - will definitely be back for more!

November 2008

In my opinion the teacher was well prepared for lessons. It was easy to understand. I learned a lot. I'd recommend this class to others! Teacher is knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic!!!

Ludmila Barry
November 2008

A fantastic class. I have learnt so much from a very talented teacher.

Samantha Berman
August 2008

Ideal for complete novice or for someone wanting to improve.


A great all round introduction to the possibilities of working in PMC.

Sally Pepper
March 2008

Two great days - proper look into the PMC world! Thanks Lisa! I will be back!

Dorit Michel
March 2008

Fun and exciting, packed full of ideas and techniques that can be used at home.

Jo Burke
February 2008

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