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Student Comments for the Silver Metal Clay Diploma Grade 2, Intermediate Diploma Course

I was eagerly awaiting this class and I wasn't disappointed. Lisa was very helpful and shared knowledge that was outside the course work willingly. In all, MCSJ is a great school with fantastic tutors.

Anthonia Onwardi
March 2012

An intensive work-out for your creative brain. Hard - but so worth it. The best part was being made to work to a high standard and to experiment with techniques and equipment not yet used.

Kirsten Gow
December 2011

Julia's demo's were very well executed, each step was clearly explained and so were all the instructions and what was expected of us. The resources were all in place, the days well structured and I'd highly recommend this School to anyone.

Amanda Mellor
July 2011

Challenging but hugely enjoyable.

Sarah Warden Smith
January 2011

Exciting, frustrating, definitely worthwhile.

October 2010

Friendly course, great sense of achievement on learning new skills, thoroughly enjoyable.

Hil Stacey
April 2010

A fantastic environment and team to learn with. I enjoyed every minute.

Sharon Burton
April 2009

Class teaches you to work at a fast pace while paying attention to detail. Amazing techniques for future use.


Lisa is a fantastic teacher, everything is very well explained and demonstrated.

Karen Muldoon
April 2009

Takes PMC work to a high level. I now feel I can produce things I can be really proud of. Thankyou.

Sue Cotton

A must for anyone serious about working in and selling metal clay jewellery.



The extra hours on day two were very welcome to be able to finish/fine tune projects.

December 2011

A challenge, but very enjoyable. Have learnt loads. Loving the Diploma modules. A first class set up.

Sandra Hopkins
March 2011

It's very informative and full of tips.

Chu-mei Ho
October 2010

Great class, learned a lot.

Sue Bricknell
August 2010

Great and patient teaching, thanks Lisa!

Sara Whittaker
August 2009

It has been exhausting but I've had such a fantastic time, I'd love to stay and carry on doing more, different classes - I've learnt loads.


Very challenging.

Pat Sharma
August 2009

Excellent class for people already used to using metal clay.

Jackie Langley

Exceeded all my expectations.

Jane Bradford

Excellent opportunity to get feedback from other people's experiences and found that I was able to learn from all students on the course.

Karen Richards

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