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What our students say about tutor Michael David Sturlin

How often do you get the chance to study with a master? Forging is now quite rare as a technique in contemporary design. I wanted to better understand forging small pieces which is why I chose this class. Michael’s online introduction and the mention of basic techniques and tools attracted me to the class. I was also keen to master techniques before looking at designing too hard.

The best part of the experience was being able to talk to Michael and discuss my own challenges and hearing his expert reply.

In the future I am now looking to include forging more in my silversmithing projects.

Stuart Griffith
Forging Masterclass
November 2011


I chose these classes as I wanted to increase my skill base. I had seen Michael’s work in magazines and he came across as a good instructor with good knowledge.

The best part of the experience was all the little tid bits, meeting Michael and his willingness to share. Being able to explore the various techniques taught was also great.

I intend to combine more techniques to produce intricate pieces using what I’ve learned this week.

Sharon Burton
Piercing Masterclass and Forging Masterclass
November 2011


I chose this class because I’ve always enjoyed forging but had become frustrated at not always achieving what I wanted, and not knowing which were the right hammers for the job so this course was right up my street!

The best part of the experience was working with a fabulous tutor, and an opportunity to dedicate three days to intensive study.

This will definitely add some new dimensions to my work. My only criticism: not long enough, could have spent a week doing this!!

Roberta Hopkins
Forging Masterclass
November 2011

I chose this class as I wanted to learn more about the finesse which you can use in forging.

I value the wealth of knowledge brought by Michael. He was able to use this to demonstrate in a completely accessible way, so that, as a novice, I felt empowered to try new things. I really enjoyed creating a vocabulary of techniques.

I hope to use the varying techniques in creating pieces for family and friends.

Celia Jones
Forging Masterclass
November 2011


I chose these classes as they sounded interesting and I wanted to develop my skills, especially forging.

The best part of the experience was developing a relationship with my hammer and the metal I am working with, enabling me to accurately predict the movement of the metal.

I now feel I am no longer limited to the stock of silver I have. I can now turn round wire to square and vice versa. I now have the confidence to change the shape of any silver I have into the basic material I need to start a project with.

Karen Muldoon
Piercing Masterclass and Forging Masterclass
November 2011


I chose this class because I wanted a specialised course in forging. This is a subject that there only appears to be limited information on in the form of books etc.

It was all fantastic so it’s hard to say what the best part was. We had time on the first day to make samples of different techniques to use as a reference point. Then on the second day we made rings along with learning new techniques.

Probably the best part was having sufficient copper and silver available to use as well as having a tutor who was very knowledgeable and friendly who gave lots of demonstrations which we then could make practical samples of. Good hand outs given out throughout the course.

I’ll use what I learned to further develop my skills in producing unique jewellery.

Elizabeth Dwyer
Forging Masterclass
November 2011


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