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What our students say about our location and facilities

All facilities excellent, can't see where improvement could be made.

Ellen Schrijver



Fantastic setup - everything I needed was to hand.


Very good facilities, absolutely everything covered.

Kiri Wedlock

All the facilities are very good and nothing can be faulted. Everything we could need was provided in a very friendly and professional atmosphere. Good facilities to ensure comfort throughout the day.

Amanda Mellor

Very good, very impressed.


It has been a delight to work in such a well equipped facility.


All great - hence my third year down here.

Penny McNeil

Excellent! Good number of students, not crowded.

Diana Goldin

Very good - limited waiting, safe and comfortable.

Lesley Watt

Very well equipped workshop in a beautiful setting.


Good clean studio space. Nice small groups, excellent all round.

Lisa Turner

Really nice and light and spacious enough.


Didn't have to prepare for classes as everything was provided for you. Facilities good, tools and equipment great. Well maintained but not clinical in any way. Felt relaxed, good workshop space.

June Rogers

The workshop was very well equipped and great for all resources, cheap to expensive ways around things.

Lucy Hudson

The workshop is excellently set up and small classes mean that everything is available and keeps the group together.

Jo Allum

Excellent, purpose built space. Good facilities in the workshop and the teaching/discussion/tea areas.


Facilities were great.

Lisa Smith

Wonderful studio, highly equipped - wonderful place to work.

Jude Smit

Very good, brilliant light, plenty of workspace for everyone.

Ruth Vaughan

Lovely, restful environment to work in. Can't wait to come back again. Food (on the Masterclass) was fantastic.

Penny McNeil

Great facilities - light spacious workshop

Lyn Carpenter

The facilities were excellent, everything was provided and suitable for the course. Great set of books to look at.

Susanne Grice

Well lit, spacious and well equipped.

Penny Old

Excellent - made me envious!

Isi Carter

There was a wide variety of tools and lots of useful equipment that I learnt to use.

Georgie Cummings

Good, studio is spacious and light, everything is easily accessible - love the toilet seats!

Sian Hamilton

Excellent - lots of art and design.

Pat Sharma

Facilities very good, everywhere well equipped - a very pleasant environment.


Lovely position, everything that you need.

Di Osman

The college is a relaxing, educational and well equipped work environment.

Dez Davis

Light and airy, plenty of workspace, well equipped.

Roger Devey

Good, clean, well lit modern building with plenty of room, well equipped and easy to find and park.

Di Osman

Love the location, superb library - very inspirational - great workshop.

Wendy Whetstone

Good and nice variety of props as well as lighting etc (for the photographing jewellery course)


Very good facilities

Kim Wells

Great facilities - lovely environment

Ann Barrett

A safe, clean and spacious workshop area, adequate equipment, appropriate lighting and clean comfortable seating area.


Very good amenities, clean kitchen, toilet and excellent assortment of available tools and machines in workshop.

Ceri Evans

All very well designed, maintained and comfortable to work in. Also a lovely peaceful location.

Penny McNeil

Great - love the chickens!


Lovely workspace, great setting.

Juliette Tyler



Excellent on all fronts.

Suzie Blackman

Brilliant - clean and well equipped.

Jo Burke

Great atmosphere, excellent facilities

Charlotte Lightfoot


Helen Stirling

Excellent facilities.

Ben Dunks

All facilities were appropriate and of good quality (and style!)

Hannah Pollard

The facilities were good.


The workshop is very well equipped.

Jackie Langley


Sally Pepper

Perfect. A wonderful working space with all tools provided makes it really easy to learn, without the distraction of sharing tools.

Sally Pepper


Leila Godden

The studio is a wonderful space. It provides everything needed and is in good condition.

Tracey Godfrey

Love the comfy seats. Being able to make coffee as and when was really comforting.


Delightful light, warm, cheerful atmosphere. Outstanding practical facilities and equipment.

Susie Trenary

Quiet, calm surroundings to learn something new.


All was very good, great space and equipment.

Sammy Cox

First visit to the Jewellery School - was made very welcome and wanting to come back. Everything was well laid out. Made aware of health and safety without being too focussed on this.

Louise West

Very good, excellent resources, equipment, organised, clear workshop.


The workshop was well equipped and the rest area was comfortable.

Amanda Mellor

Good tools and equipment, well maintained, clean, well lit, safe work areas.

Gabbie Gardner

A fabulous workshop with great equipment to use.

Jessica Stokes

What a beautiful setting for inspiration!

Kathleen Skinner

Excellent, well equipped studio, lovely location.

Dawn Shackley

Really nice facilities and really useful to know how it should be laid out.


Very good and comfortable

Delphine His

Fantastic studio, so well equipped and clean, neat and enough of everything.


Building was superb, clean and well presented. Safe, purposeful environment, excellent toilets.

T Pope

A lovely workshop and area. Plenty of space and light with all the equipment you could require.

Darina Davies

Great - lovely space and workshop

Sue Melling

Lovely setting, well maintained, equipped and well presented.

Jessie Wallace

Good facilities, spacious, well lit and comfortable.


Very good, very well equipped workshop.

Charlotte McLean

One other thing I would like to say is how wonderful your library is. It is much appreciated that the books can be borrowed overnight if doing a two day course. It means you have the opportunity to look at some books at a more leisurely pace.

Eliz Dwyer

All top notch - everything was clearly, neatly stored and labelled and everything was in good working order.


Good workshop space supports learning and safe working.


Brilliant library. Workshop fantastic and light and spacious. Very well kitted out. Plenty of room to work.

Sarah Watson

A nice relaxed environment, well equipped with a good mix of natural and artificial light.

Lisa Smith

Lighting very good, as is work space, equipment and furniture.

Amanda Crago

Great workshop, facilities were good and the setting was idyllic.

V McGregor

Everything is thought out and set up perfectly.


The workshop is well equipped, it is a good environment.

Ann Edwards

Seemed spacious and well equipped.


The interior of the building is really nice, functional and inspiring, relaxed but focused.

Amber Ravenscroft

Great space, well lit. Perfect for the job.

Erin Taylor

I thought the workshop was very well equipped. Toilet facilities most impressive!

Paddy Foyle

Couldn't be better!

Chantal Holbrook

Everything you need is available.

Di Osman

Brilliant and fun.

Julia Sellfield

Wonderful workshop and a lovely site.

Kerry Jayne Morse

Plenty of space in both workshop and outer room. Clean everywhere. Great biscuits on day three. Thanks Lisa!!

Sue Cotton

Perfect facilities, lovely inspirational surroundings.

Dez Davis

Amazing place. A bit far from London though!

Jessica van Zanden

All good. Everything was/is perfect and if the school does move, please, please, please let it be in similar surrounds and just as inspiring...(loved the music).

Jeanette Tenwick

Very good and more than adequate for our needs.

Barbara Robertson

Great workshop!

Erica Hole

Excellent, I felt I was valued and got a relaxed atmosphere in the space, equipment was well maintained.

Key Steward

Fabulous working environment.

Anna Pola

Very good.

Barry Hoare

The room was light and bright and the tools were very organised.

Abby Windust

Pleasant room, very good workshop area.


Ideal, ample for the class of five


The workshop is really nice - a lovely setting to have the course in.

Maebh Gallagher

Facilities are great with an abundance of equipment.

Samantha Berman

Really pleasant, well equipped, well planned, comfortable.


Great facilities, all the equipment and the space etc well maintained.

Andrea Heath

The working environment is first class, with good equipment and generous resources.

Paul Kay

The unit is well furnished for student needs - music very dodgy, maybe consider death metal!

Paul Kay


Val George

All excellent.


Superb. Clean, tidy, good availability of tools. Very pleasant!

Jo Burke

The jewellery school is based near St Austell in Cornwall, UK and all jewellery making classes run in our well equipped workshop.

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