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Freeform Bezel Settings: Using A Silhouette CAMEO® cutting machine with Wanaree Tanner

Date: 16th - 17th February 2013

Cost: £474 (incl VAT) and materials


This is a two day course suitable for ambitious beginner to advanced level metal clay artists.

Wanaree bezel pendant

Using A Silhouette Cameo cutting machine to create unique bezel wires and beautiful stone setting!!

This new exciting course covers everything you need to know to get the most out of your Silhouette Cameo cutting machine! Also covers how to set up your clay for cutting, design, stone settings, punching, creating “floating” bezel wire setting and so much more!! Taught in COPPRclay so you can practice your skills in this forgiving medium, Wanaree will also explain how to execute this technique in PMC Paper and Fastfire BRONZclay.

Wanaree bezel pendant

What is the Silhouette CAMEO®?

The Silhouette CAMEO® is an electronic, programable cutting tool. Similar to a home printer, it plugs into your PC or Mac® with a simple USB cable. However, instead of printing, the CAMEO uses a small blade to cut your designs, out of paper, fabric, vinyl, cardstock, and now in metal clay too.

Silhouette Cameo

The CAMEO cuts designs created in the Silhouette Studio® software. This software is free and offers a wide variety of tools and functions to help create custom projects quickly and easily.

Wanaree has begun designing a series of patterns that you can purchase and download for use in your own studio. She'll be listing her stencils, bezels, accents, as well as many more MC SILies (Metal Clay Silhouette) designs!

Join the Facebook Group specifically designed to support metal clay artists using the Silhouette CAMEO® here

Visit Wanaree's Metal Clay Design Shop here

View a video of one of Wanaree's creations which uses the Silhouette CAMEO®

Floating bezel


The skills you'll learn on this course include -

  • firing, forming, and working in COPPRclay
  • compensating for shrinkage
  • crash course on finding the right firing schedule for your kiln
  • making a place holder form
  • creating COPPRclay paper type
  • with design in mind: simple ways to start designing unique bezel wire
  • with design in mind: custom made texture plates and stencils using Scratchfoam
  • secrets of the floating bezel setting
  • extruding your own accents and components
  • how to set your stone without over stressing your delicate bezel wires
  • granulation accents and making your own dry clay punches
  • setting up your Cameo Silhouette, importing your designs, how to calibrate your machine



Wanaree in her workshop

Wanaree Tanner

Wanaree Tanner burst onto the metal clay scene in 2011, seemingly from nowhere. In a few months, she bagged a top award and gained accolades from a wide range of established metal clay artists.

Wanaree is an award winning, primarily self-taught, full time artist, with a love for illustration and a fascination with world mythologies. She started working in metal clay in 2008 and quickly became obsessed with turning two dimensional drawings into three dimensional forms. When copper clay hit the open market, she bought her first pack and never looked back. After two years of experimenting and dreaming, she feels she’s finally able to bring the forms lurking in her mind into reality. 

She travels to art shows around the country, has written articles for Art Jewelry, Metal Clay Today, Metal Clay Artist Magazine and is the video editor for MCAM’s resource library.

She has had work published in the PMC Guild Annual 2011, the New Directions book and the Art and Design of Metal Clay Jewelry 2012 Calendar. She also writes a brilliant blog in which she shares her techniques and shows what she's working on.

See Wanaree's tutor profile and a video of her teaching here.

Visit Wanaree's website here.

Please note

This course is suitable for ambitious beginners to advanced metal clay artists. 100g Copprclay is included in the price.

Students should bring the following items with them:-

  • Cabochon (student’s choice stone, glass, etc general measurements 35mm- 55mm long, 20mm- 45mm wide, thickness 6mm-20mm)
  • size 11 knitting needle or brass pipe measuring 27mm around perimeter
  • styrofoam cup (plastic drinking cup acceptable)

You should bring the following tools with you. There will be some provided but you may have to wait if you don't bring your own.

  • Makin’s Ultimate Extruder - Amazon is the cheapest source we've found but do shop around. Expect to pay £20-£30 for this.
  • If you already have the Silhouette CAMEO® you are welcome to bring it to use in class, this will save you waiting to use the School machines. If you have a laptop, please bring it with the Silhouette Studio® software loaded so that Wanaree can help you calibrate it and use your own machine during the class. This will help you to become familiar with your own equipment and really allow you to leave the class raring to go.
  • If you don't have one, you may still want to bring your laptop so Wanaree can help you with the software when you are using the School machines. This will then be ready for you to use at home when you buy your own Silhouette CAMEO® after the class.


The jewellery school is based near St Austell in Cornwall, UK and all jewellery making classes run in our well equipped workshop.

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