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Maria Whetman


Qualifications I have

BTEC National Diploma in Art and Design 1989, BaHons in 3D Design (Jewellery) from Central Saint Martins 1992, PGCE in Art and Design for ages 11 and upwards 1994...

...and enthusiasm, inquiring mind, desire to learn.

People I have been

School Art Teacher, School Jewellery Teacher, Artist in Residence, Community Artist, Art College Course Manager.

People I am now

I am the tutor and course leader of a brand new, freshly written and validated Jewellery & Silversmithing Degree at Plymouth College of Art & Design.

Art College Tutor of...

  • 3D Design
  • Jewellery
  • Art and Design
  • Constructed Textiles
  • Mixed Media work
I teach jewellery and smallscale metalwork on the Degree and Fda course at Plymouth College of Art, as well as the National Diploma in Art & Design (Higher Education and Further Education). I am a member of EtsyMetal, Crafthaus and UKhandmade.

Jeweller and designer-maker, motorbiker - off road and dirt, keen cook and gardener. Love surfing, walking, exploring, camping, travels abroad... and spending time with my man and our daughter.

I have a project in a book called 30-Minute Rings: 60 Quick & Creative Projects for Jewelers

My work has been used as an example in an Oxford University Press school curriculum publication about recycled materials.

People I hope to become

A great mum, a great jeweller-designer (I'm always learning), someone who can earn enough money to keep my family supported and happy.


Maria's work

Maria Whetman

(formerly Morris)

Subjects taught:-



Box and Locket Making


Repousse and Chasing

Stone Setting

Clasps and Catches



Mixed Media


People I imagine I have been in a previous life

This is my first life :-)

During the next decade I hope to...

Teach my daughter how to find inspiration from the world around her. Continue to follow creative projects and learn new things. Get a full, uninterrupted nights sleep!

Three things I want to do before I die are...

  • Live in a big house in the country with a workshop, vegetable plot, chickens and a stream, with my hubby and daughter.
  • Write and illustrate at least one children's book.
  • Do a really long motorbike adventure trip.

If I had a motto in life it would be...

  • Be positive, think creatively and don't let yourself fester...or...
  • If it makes you unhappy, stop doing it!

What I like about being involved with MCSJ

Fulfilling a lot of the above comments.


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The jewellery school is based near St Austell in Cornwall, UK and all jewellery making classes run in our well equipped workshop.

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