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Case Study - Private Tuition

Anne Berglund is a jewellery artist based in Norway. She attended a three day Masterclass in ‘Mixed Media’, a two day Low tech Etching class, and a two day Masterclass in Repousse Effects in Metal Clay during August 2010.

Around these classes, Anne chose private tuition to learn additional techniques and capitalise on her visit. This case study of her visit shows the value of private tuition at MCSJ.

Private tuition in Unique Textures

Anne has a traditional metal work background and has been studying with a Master Silversmith in Norway for several years. She recently discovered Silver Clay and wanted to know more about how to integrate this new material into her work. After lots of research on the internet Anne decided that MCSJ had the high quality classes and specialist skills which made it worthwhile for her to travel from Norway.

Anne’s work has a strong Norwegian Folk Art theme and she needed to be able to recreate these ancient designs and interpret them in her own style. We discussed her exact requirements by email and phone in advance so we could prepare a bespoke class for her.

Anne’s day with Lisa Cain was action packed. They decided to use the same image through out the day to make different textures. This particular design is one which was traditionally sewn onto the inside of blankets, possibly as a protective or wealth giving amulet.

First we transferred the design to a baked panel of polymer clay so Anne carved image in polymer claycould use the Dockyard carving tools. With this method her design would appear in the silver clay as a raised emblem. And it has all the qualities of the ‘artists hand’

Next we switched to making Photo Polymer Plates (PPP). This quick and easy method was repeated in positive and negative on two types of PPP. One is metal backed while the other is plastic backed. Each has a different depth and one will be an indented image whilst the other was reversed and will be a raised image.

photo polymer plates

Finally we made a ‘Tear Away’ texture and the results were excellent. Thistear away texture will yield a lovely shallow texture which is perfect for adding Keum Bo gold. Anne was particularly pleased as this was a technique she had tried at home from written instructions but had had no success with.


In just one day Anne has become equipped to take any black and white image and transfer it to her silver clay. She can now choose from a variety of techniques which will give her just the right effect for the look she wants to create.


Our Unique Texture Making class covers the techniques Anne learned in this private lesson.

View a video of Anne talking about her experience at MCSJ.




Class at MCSJ

Anne attending one of our Masterclasses (centre)

Photo polymer plates

Carved texture in polymer clay (left) and Photo Polymer Plates

tear away texture

Anne preparing to tear away the texture


Things to consider before booking these courses...

Private hire of our facilities and the personal attention of an experienced tutor is open to complete beginners, those with a little experience or professional artists and jewellers.

You will have exclusive use of the workshop and the equipment and a personal tutor at a cost of £350 per day. Materials will be charged on use and you will be asked to pay for any special materials needed for your projects at the time of booking.

Contact us today to talk through your ideas - with this approach, in one day you could learn more than a year of evening classes!

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